Tunes on Tuesday ~ Shania Twain

Never try to impress a woman ~ she’s seen and heard it all before.

What’s likely to impress a woman, and what isn’t?

Outside of a new love’s first bliss, I don’t know any really cool woman who isn’t going to think this line is totally sick making;  The darkest hour of my day is the hour in which I don’t get to see you.  ~  Amit Kalantri.  It’s a cute line, but to me it’s not cool, and not impressive.

Actually, that may not be quite true, it’s all about the mood, the moment, the time, the place, and the delivery.  But, in my experience, a line like that is just trying too hard.

In general terms, the harder a guy tries to impress a cool, mature, together woman, the less impressed she is likely to be.  The thing is, boys have been trying to impress her ever since they first noticed that she was a girl ~ so you’ve got twenty years of her cynicism to overcome.

Unless you’re Steve McQueen forget about impressing her, and just be true to yourself.  If that’s not enough then politely say goodbye ~ some say there’s always a nicer, prettier, sexier girl just around the corner.  Me I’m not always so certain.


jack collier


Next to Snoopy, who was ever cooler?

10 responses

  1. Oh, brother, men and their over imaginative minds… of bliss.. trust me dating some of us will only put a post saying “what not to do” lol


  2. Love this women, and u r right about seen it all x

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    1. Thanks, every now and again I get something right. 💕

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      1. Hey Jack, I wonder sometimes men blogs do very well it’s like a dating site.. but better lol

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      2. Not though there is anything wrong with that lol

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      3. I would certainly like to date some of the cool women who follow my blog. ❤💕💖💘💞


  3. That line…it belongs in a greeting card. About the only place I’d like to see it if it was said to me. I’d also hope for something a bit more personal on the rest of the card!
    Being impressed is not as important as being accepted.

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    1. Accepting and understanding a woman is both more honest and more difficult than trying to impress her. ❤❤❤


  4. Love the video! But it is true, most of us have heard and seen a lot, and it is hard to impress a woman 🙂

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    1. I don’t think a guy should ‘try’ to impress a woman. She either likes him, or not.

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