Crete, the 5th best place in the world

Crete is a Chic Mediterranean Island.

I fly out to Crete today.

Some say the island is the 5th best destination in the world. And that only Paris, Rome, London, and Bali are cooler places to visit.  All I know is that I’ve been to Paris, Rome, and London, (a lot), and I wouldn’t choose to vacation in any of them.

Chania, where I’m going, is the best part of Crete to visit, if you like atmosphere, bars, history, stores, and places to eat.  The views are a bonus.


Jack Collier

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  1. Enjoy! It sounds fabulous.

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  2. I prefer an simple life…. yeah right!

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    1. The simple life – clean sheets, plenty of hot water, cool pool-side bar…. yeah right!

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      1. Hmm, Still feeling dating site….. pool side Bar oh yeah baby…. jeeez that would be nice……

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      2. Got to have that poolside bar wherever I take a vacation.


  3. I would rather replace London and Paris by Berlin and Barcelona.

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  4. I hope it live up to the promise. Because if those other places are top destinations and you didn’t like those…..
    Personally, I rather liked where you went last time. Not that I can remember where it was! That seemed incredibly romantic and lovely. Plus, now you have swimming under your belt again. Hooray!!! Enjoy yourself, my good friend.

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    1. I have spent far too much time in London and Paris on business to want to go there on vacation.
      Ouldeniz in Turkey, and I loved it there.
      Hugs Kris. ☺

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