Sleeping in Hotels

Alone and on the road again…..

I’ve just enjoyed the first decent night’s sleep I’ve had in about a month, and I’m in a hotel……

In my long and mostly disreputable life I have spent more nights than I care to remember in all kinds of hotels, in most of the major cities of the world, (and some towns that would have to work hard to qualify as a bomb-site).  And in all that time I never hardly ever slept well in an hotel.

One solution to ‘hotel insomnia’ is to get good and drunk…..  But these days I am utterly sober.

So, what’s different this time?

I believe it’s that I’ve put my worries, resentments, and anger behind me…..  And nobody can possibly sleep with a mind racing like an evil train crash.

I also believe that a few hours in the hotel pool taking the strenuous exercise of swimming lessons, and then going for long walks by the sea, also helps.

And, on a cautionary note, sharing your hotel bed with a woman you’ve just picked up at the hotel bar will not help you sleep either.

Jack Collier


I have never in my life ‘picked up’ a woman in a hotel bar.

Hooker, or otherwise.

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  1. Avoid taking your phone with you in bed. Most cell phones typically emit blue, daylight-spectrum light, so one way to get around that is to dim the brightness way, way down. And the other tip if you have an iPhone or any other smartphone is to turn the wireless off. It takes away the worry of emails coming in that you might have to respond to, and that extra step can help you de-stress.
    A glass of wine or a slug of whiskey is not a good idea. Alcohol is an REM sleep inhibitor—it pulls your body out of rapid-eye movement sleep, which is where all of the benefits of sleep come in to play.

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    1. I put my cell in a nightstand drawer, and these days I don’t drink….. and yet I still suffer from insomnia.

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      1. If you’re tossing and turning after 15 minutes, get up and get out of bed. But keep the lights low, walk around, do some light stretching, or read a book. It’s important to do something that’s not stressful.


        1. Hmmmm, I don’t think so.


  2. butterflies and boundaries | Reply

    I love hotels 💗

    Check out today’s blog post when you get a chance, if you could like or comment that would be fab 😘🌸

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