Almost Drowning in Turkey

Always look before you leap.

When I went on a day’s boat trip in Turkey I jumped into what looked like fairly shallow water.  Turned out it was about 60 feet deep.  It also turned out that I’ve just about forgotten how to swim.



I almost drowned before I made it back to our boat.

As almost drowning on vacation is not a good plan, I am taking a week’s 1 to 1 professional swimming instruction, from a lady called Sarah Kentish.

This will be in the pool of the Imperial Hotel in a British seaside resort called Llandudno.


jack collier

I wonder if I’ve forgotten how to ride a bicycle too?

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  1. I’m betting you can swim, it was just a shock. I did swimming like crazy as a kid, but when I jumped into the lake here, I was so surprised I was gasping. That was from the cold, yours may have been the depth.
    I hate getting out of my depth! I’m looking forward to hearing good things about your water abilities. And I’m entirely glad you did not drown!

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    1. I’ll keep you posted. Got my first lesson in an hour.

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  2. The photos looks like a brilliant holiday. Sorry about the swim scare. I went to Llandudno years ago and it was a lovely surprise (even in February!) I hope your lessons goes ok, the pool looks very inviting 🙂

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    1. I loved vacationing in Turkey, I will be going back to the same resort next year. Hopefully I won’t almost drown when I go swimming in the Mediterranean. I’ll let you know what the Imperial Hotel in Llandudno is like. ❤

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      1. Please do! I stayed at the lighthouse just outside 🙂

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        1. How cool. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Oh wow Jack! You do live dangerously in Turkey. Take care💗

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    1. Living dangerously was not the plan. ❤

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  4. butterflies and boundaries | Reply

    Actually so jealous! We got back from Turkey 2 months ago, I miss it so much! Already booked up to go again next year 💗💗💗

    Check out my blog when you have time!

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  5. Oh jack, you take good care❤️ love Barbara c

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    1. I should have thought about how badly I could swim these days ~ before I jumped into the water. Thank you for your good wishes. ❤

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      1. Except you always trust you remain great at everything! Next time better❤️

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