Scenes on Sunday ~ Clouds

It’s clouds illusions I recall, I really don’t now clouds at all.







jack collier


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  1. Once upon a time, I went for a glider’s pilot’s license and clouds are a kind of important subject since some clouds create a thermionic draft that allows the glider to gain altitude (most commonly the cumulus) . In the end, all that goes up, goes down again. The most common issue? Where did the pilot intended to land his plane. We stare at the clouds, daydream about them, but seldom realize the power they can exercise. The glider is an engine-less vehicle where the pilot’s knowledge of the forces of nature determine if it will ever reach its destination. I recommend everyone to experience the world from this perspective. Popular cultural item to understand a glider pilot’s obsession is “Jonathan Livingstone, Seagull”.

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  2. Each cloud can bring us an illusion, a piece of past nostalgia. It depends on our encouragement to look at the sky.

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  3. Wow! LOVE!! I’ve always been fascinated by clouds. They tell stories if you just take the time to watch.

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