A wise woman should have money in her head, not in her heart.

Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, I was at the dentist to have a tooth extracted.  You get a local anaesthetic, which my not be quite as local as one thinks.  Because after my trip to the dentist I wrote and said some things that were truthfully hurtful.

Under the effects of that local I realised that;

One cannot forget one’s past.

Everything you have done is always a part of you.

Women, most of all, want a guy who has a lot of money.

I am very cool with all of that, my friend in California is not.  She hates that I know her for what she was and is.

But, there was a rope that tethered me to her, and without her my life would have been incomplete and unresolved.  I know that I need to be honest and open with her, and calling her a slut isn’t such a positive thing to say, even if it’s true.

There is an opportunity for me. It maybe comes once in a lifetime.

I need to put the past behind me, especially where it comes to the woman who used to matter to me the most.  She is yesterday.

The past is where it belongs, and I can now progress on the next stage of my life.  I am done with the Californian girl.

Falling for a woman who used to think casual sex, younger men, and cocaine were cool may not have been the best thing I ever did.

Things may be frustrating right now, but I know that patience and perseverance will pay off in the end.

And I might have found a kitten to cuddle.

The pictures today are just because I like them.


jack collier

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  1. There is a whole world out there- And some of it happens to be of the sort of women who are like one you need and want. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

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    1. You know I like you.
      ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. That ‘tether’ that you write of Jack is a phenomenon that I would describe as an ‘energy vampire tentacle.’
    Energy vampires are real…

    I am glad that you have cut the tentacle that reaches deep into your gut.

    When you connect with someone, you should find that you are both able to give and take in equal measure. Money has so little to do with it, you cannot imagine.

    It is nice that you have enough money to lavish gifts, but gifts are empty without gratitude and love does not come with a price tag.

    My dear, you need to cast yourself adrift on a holiday that is thrifty… or just go to a social meet for regular folk with little money. There, you will find yourself amongst honest and flawed people who are only looking for companionship, friendship and possibly, if everything else is right, love.
    You will not find these things in the glitzy world of make believe hotels, fantasy tourist places or man made Edens… They are merely traps to part you from your money!❤❤❤


    1. Just a thought, but perhaps take the quiz in that link I posted… Reveals what you already know, but confirmation is essential. And another thought…be careful that you don’t become an energy vampire yourself! ❤

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  3. I’m kind of glad you are finished with her as you will find that right person someday. Not all women want a man with money although there are lots of them!

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Jack, You have no clue how a 19th century English “Gentleman”operated. Read once the “Code of the Woosters”.

    Bertie was a typical prototype of the British gentleman; chivalrous and would never let a friend down. The typical British Gentlemen of that époque were proud of their bachelor status; they looked with condescending pity upon their married or engaged friends and always had to be „lured” into marriage by “scheming” woman.
    The only reason why a British gentleman would have considered a marriage was to avoid having to work to uphold his status. The woman in question then had to be a rich, silly heiress.


    1. The Code of the Woosters is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse, first published on 7 October 1938, in the United Kingdom by Herbert Jenkins, London, and in the United States by Doubleday, Doran, New York.[1] It was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post (US) from 16 July to 3 September 1938 and in the London Daily Mail from 14 September to 6 October 1938. The setting of the novel is between the two world wars.

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      1. I absolutely LOVE Wodehouse.

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  5. Deborah the Closet Monster | Reply

    While I know it’s beside the general point, it seems worth stating: Being one and knowing many others, I’m certain there are many women out there who want more than buckets of money in a man!

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