Loves Labours Lost

I am a man, I like women.  Rather, I like one woman. Sometimes that is a curse.

Part of the struggle I deal with every day is trying to turn my problems into solutions, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.  I am fully aware that I can’t make things better just by trying harder, and that what I need to do is find the right friendships, not just the most convenient ones.  I should try to find a caring woman, not just a woman who turns me on.

A good friend plays an evolving role in one’s life.  My best friend allows me to aspire to greater things and she lifts me up towards success.  My best friend does not always give me the easy answers, or the simple solutions.  My best friend often says ‘no’.

My Life is made of many things that tell me who I am.  Friendships, money, clothes, my home, my past, her past.  Some of this is very negative stuff, and my best friend saying ‘no’ is the most negative thing of all.

Either I need to change the way I think, or get a new circle of friends.  Either I need to change my wants, needs, and desires, or get a new best friend.

Anyhow, these flowers are for her.


jack collier


A rose for my Aphrodite.

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  1. Friends are best part of us. A loving and caring friend is a treasure. I had a friend who was so sweet and caring, I never heard a single word from her that was without care. I miss her since she died with brain tumor, my best friend is dead and she can not be replaced with anyone else, because no one is like her.

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  2. Your post reads like a koan – much to ponder and no instant easy fix – another thoughtful essay!

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  3. how would your life be better if you were together. you are whole now

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  4. Lovely flowers. I like roses outside. Picked ones frustrate me. They are so pretty and die so fast. I love a garden… you live near one?


  5. Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. If you’re looking for a relation that goes beyond this, I would dig a little deeper. If you like to travel, you’ll want a partner that also has the time, means and desire to do so. If you’re of independent financial means, you should not go for a partner who be completely financially depend upon you, but who’s also financially independent. By preference, you will want a partner that can communicate with you on the same intellectual level. A partner with teenage kids is usually a recipe for disaster if at a certain stage you’ll want to set up a household with the partner of your choice. And so the list goes on…
    A old Chinese rule that I applied is that the woman should be half of the man’s age plus 7.

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    1. ugh!!! That rule makes for a very aged man for me! lol I’ll stay where I am. :o)

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      1. I’ve known the time that it was socially frowned upon when a man married a woman who was by 10 years or more his senior, but I know some ladies who have turned the table on this issue.

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  6. I hope you and your lady love can be together, united and happy. 😃


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