Inspired and Motivated

Life has many ways of testing a man’s will and inner strength.

Yesterday I joined a different gym here in my little seaside town.  I had not been regularly using the ‘old gym’, and they had increased their prices.  Often the walk there, around the marina, was so interesting and distracting that I never made the gym at all.

I’m pretty surprised that I just went ahead and joined a new gym, without hesitation, procrastination, or much thinking about it.  But then, since my recent vacation in Turkey, I’m a changed man.  In Turkey I had a bit of an epiphany.

I know that I’m now venturing on yet another important evolutionary step on the warrior’s path to discover what I am truly capable of, and I have come to know that I have an immense inner strength.  Part of my journey along the warrior’s path is knowing what this inner strength and power is, and how I can use it, for the greater good, in my daily existence.

You have power over your mind ~ not outside events.  Realise this, and you will find strength.  ~  Marcus Aurelius

My goal is to unearth and understand this power and strength from the depths of my subconscious mind, my heart, and my soul.  I have something to say and I need to learn how to say it.  Perhaps I need to break away from traditional approaches and practices and accept that I am now a unique individual that deserves to receive more recognition and respect for who I have worked so hard to become.

As I was taking my leave from the new friends I had made on vacation, a very together lady said to me that; ‘You are a very different kind of man from most…..’  She said that and more in a very caring way.

However, right now I still do not feel as fully in charge of my own destiny as I could be.  I know that I need a clearer vision of what lies ahead of me.  I need to work towards more balance, acceptance, understanding.  I need courage.  I need to use my new-found self-awareness, self-confidence, inspiration and motivation.  And, I need to eliminate negative energies and negative people from my life.

I know, trust, and believe that I am capable of forging my own path, that I have a manifest destiny to reach, a destiny that is not intended for anyone else, at least for no one who cannot share my vision, needs, wants, dreams, and desires.

It is time to explore my dreams and to experiment with the strength and power I suddenly possess.  I need to become connected with who I really am, and I need to better connect with those I care for.  I want and need to become the real Renaissance Man that some have thought I have always been.  Until now I believe that I have always fallen short of that ideal.

Some say that we take for granted those things that are most deserving of our attention.  And, that most people never show up for their Appointment with Life.  All I know is that Real Life is what happens to you while you are busy making pointless plans.


jack collier


Marmaduke likes to sunbathe on one of the historic ships moored in the marina


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  1. My aspirations come from Hindu texts as explained by George Harrison:
    Love does not exist it is existence itself: Knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is knowledge itself: Love is not freedom or wealth but their very embodiment. When living these sayings I believe one is the immensely positive. The path to experience them is tough.

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    1. TRUTH
      I find the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths immensely helpful in my Life, or my own version of them at any rate. Starting with; Life is difficult and painful.
      And yet, the journey along the warrior’s path has become less difficult and painful for me since our amazing stay in Turkey, it seems that I had an epiphany. How cool is that?
      Simon, I hope things are as good for you as they are for me.
      Thanks for keeping in touch.

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      1. That is a great thing to experience and pleasing to hear. Yes all is ok with me thank you and I’m enjoying your posts.

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  2. Funny that the first picture that followed shortly after “Life has many ways of testing a man’s will and inner strength” was about boats. I’ve lived for more than 10 years on a boat, and every day was about this one sentence. On the shore out there, everything was done by magic. They got their heat and electricity without even thinking about it. But in this little floating world, whatever you needed, you had to get for yourself. A boat under way means one hazard after another with little time to think but its needs. Most of the time I spent being submerged in chaos, knowing that the longer I put of setting in a fixed organisation, the more difficult it would become. But I felt sure that sooner or later some format would emerge and it was a better one for me having waited.

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    1. Some say that the harder one’s day to day existence is, the stronger one becomes. And, that it’s the pain we have suffered that makes us who we are. All I know is I could have done with a little less pain and suffering in my life.


      1. A man is more than just the sum of his experiences.

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        1. That depends upon which branch of philosophy you subscribe to.


          1. My branch of philosophy is an improvisation on a most improbable quartet; sailing, reading, sex and madness.

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