lusts wants needs desires

When I am true to myself, I am strong beyond measure.

the application of will

continues to tempt me still

uninhibited too dangerous thrill

urges wants desires needs emotional

uninhibited casual sexual relationships fill

my life with seductress midnight encounters

hazardous erotic carnal liaisons midnight hours

rash instant gratification sensual lustful animal urges

I know that I should have become a better man than that


jack collier


the path to freedom from suffering

is through self-discipline in body, mind, and spirit

4 responses

  1. sometimes it is ok to be an animal. sometimes….


  2. All these things have their proper place and outlet; in a relation governed by mutual respect and love. After all, man is not made to be alone (a few exceptions left aside).

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  3. This is heart warming stuff. I hope you continue with your courage.

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