Your House Is Worth Nothing

Land is the far greatest of fraudulent perpetual monopolies.  ~  Winston Churchill

As it goes, and speaking as a guy with 30 odd years of banking under his belt, in the long term, financially, your beach home / house / apartment is worth less than nothing.

You may say that it’s been valued at $1,350,000 but what does that actually mean?

It means that if you sell the place, then that’s what you’ll get.  Less all the bloodsucking bankers, lawyers, and realtors fees.

Then what?

You’ll probably plough the $1,350,000 into a bigger place that’s notionally worth $1,450,000.  And, in human terms that new place is worth even less than nothing.  You will work much harder to keep it.

All you are doing is paying rent, and working harder to keep the place…..  And, then you’ll die.

The only way your $1,500,000 place is worth anything at all to you is if you sell up and live in a van.

Real Estate is all about cost.  Look at your monthly / annual bills and you will see that your house is costing you a fucking fortune.  Any bum can have 80% of what you have for nothing.  Trust me, I know, I’ve been there.

Any First Nations elder will tell you that property is expensive theft.

Banking and the real estate industry is built on the notion that your property is intrinsically worth something, and it isn’t.  You can’t take it with you, and when the next Big One comes it won’t even be there.

But, even though I know that the Wizard is a fraud, I will never persuade you.

For the truth means you have too much to lose.


jack collier

I thought about a school bus once,

but then I’d want a woman to share it with me,


5 responses

  1. I like my mum’s and my house, but oh….to not have to worry about silly things anymore! Like septics and phone lines and stuff….

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  2. That’s what I want to do once my son is grown. I want to sell and move around, camping, houseboat, school bus, whatever. I don’t want to be tied down an stuck somewhere I’m not happy.

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  3. So true Jack. My hubby and I sold up years ago. Now we are nomads. Our only home is a Narrowboat. I love our freedom. All summer, we look for out of the way places where we moor up alone (often at the expense of mobile internet and phone signals), to watch sheep munch the banks, or Lapwings defend their nests. We saw a harbour porpoise in the river and a hare race across fields. We live in the sound range of crows and the odd tractor. It is a peaceful existence away from the rat race. We rarely watch TV and we don’t participate in the race to acquire material things.
    Of course, selling our property allowed this, for one has to have a bit of money to free one’s self from the slavery of work, the bonds of conformity, and the fears of casting one’s self adrift. 💖💖💖😊

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  4. Food for thought Jack. That bus wouldn’t be bad especially if you can travel in it. 😊

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