You’d think a man would know…

’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all  ~  Alfred Lord Tennyson

There seems to be a problem with a relationship I’m having with a woman who is very important to me.

In the end it has come down to those two perennial issues; money and sex.

But, this relationship was always about just how much money I was prepared to spend ~ and just how little I was prepared to accept in return.  Now it’s about a $25,000 car…..

You’d think a mature man such as I would have seen this from the start ~ truth be told I did, but perhaps I just wasn’t prepared to accept the painful reality it.

You Think A Man Would Know

Perhaps things will turn out well after all.


jack collier


or maybe Marmaduke and I will hit the road again

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  1. Ah Jack… You sound so lonely, as you write this post, and resigned to trying to buy a bit of serenity. Money can’t fix this, for you know, after the car, there will be something else she wants.
    Relationships are not about things, but they are about compatibility and unconditional friendship. Nothing is perfect, but you must ask yourself if buying her a car leaves you feeling peaceful and content, or worried and resentful? 💖💖💖


  2. Affection should not be purchased. 😦 This post makes me sad.

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    1. It made me sad to write.

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      1. *hugs* Jack
        I hope better days are ahead.


  3. Good luck I hope things work out the way you want!

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    1. Thanks Diane ~ it’s not looking so good right now.

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  4. Wow. How much you can spend on her? And you’re still in this relationship? I would have kicked them to the curb!

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    1. At the time it seemed that she thought I was a fool.

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  5. There are women out there who can buy their own damn car and add to the financial aspect for a more enjoyable arrangement and love sex – lots of it… just saying you’ve got options… but even if she can afford her own it’s still nice to have 🤔 significant gifts from time to time. Best of luck no matter which way the wind blows.

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    1. When a man get’s this far beyond the horizon he’s got no idea where the wind blows. In the icy wilderness even a compass couldn’t tell me what to do. Anyway, I have never had any problem buying gifts for my friend, but this time she just seemed to feel that she had to twist the knife a little bit harder.

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      1. Ouch, and sorry. (((Hugs)))

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        1. In the long run there is always a light at the end of the tunnel ~ of course sometimes it’s a train coming the other way….

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    1. Being a good guy, I’m beginning to believe that it’s all my fault anyhow.


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