Be peaceful in the storm.

So I can’t sit own and let the time of my real being take me, for if I try and for a moment can see no direction, cannot tell where I am going, I am filled with panic, scared of emptiness.   I am driven and must always look to the far horizons.  ~  Joanna Field

For most of my life it seemed that I was afraid of still serenity, uncomfortable of just having nothing to do, and having to make no plans.  I seemed to be happiest if there was a great deal going on around me, as though I was in the midst of a raging storm.

I have come to believe that this was a manifestation of what was going on inside my own mind, that I was driven by a mixture of perfectionism and fear of failure.

My focus seemed to be on what I didn’t have; materially, intellectually, and spiritually.  My glass was always half empty, never half full.

Perhaps that was not such a good place to be.

Instead of bemoaning what I don’t have and the things I feel are wrong with my life, I am changing my attitude to celebrate what I do have.

Today I have an infinite number of choices, and they all begin with me having a positive outlook.  The decisions I make today will have a direct bearing on how meaningful and mindful my life will be.

I am reminded of some words by Ralf Waldo Emerson; This time, like all times, is a very good one if we but know what to do with it.

Today I will try to do some good and mindful things with my time.

Today I will be peaceful amid the storms.


jack collier

4 responses

  1. Every time one of your posts pops thru my emails, I am humbled and hopeful. You are working so hard to hone off the edges of you that hurt. I’m so proud of you- You inspire. xoxoxoxoxo


  2. Be the person you want to be!💖

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    1. Sometimes, when a man loves a woman, he can forget who he used to be.


      1. But then you are not living your truth. You will only be happy when you do not have to be anything other than who you are. Another person cannot give that to you Jack. If you try to live vicariously through your partner, you will end up draining her of her own energy and conflict will ensue. You must love yourself first Jack. Only when you you are ‘complete’ as a person alone, can you share life with another ‘complete’ person without conflict and recriminations. 💖💖💖

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