a witch with angel eyes

I had my share of nightmares
didn’t think there could be much more
then in walked Rodrick Usher with the Lady Elanor

only the moon and stars know,

where you got those pretty blue eyes,

that smile while you tell such elegant lies,

you must have fallen down from out of the sky,

you must be some sort of witch to torment a guy,

who’s unwise as to fall hard for your delicate disguise,

your every word of tenderness a tormenting sweet caress,

but I know just who you are, and I know your long goodbyes.


jack collier


she sang me a starlight sexual lullaby,

a thousand times, or maybe more,

and in the end, she didn’t care

5 responses

  1. Haunting and sad. I often see myself in your words, sign of a good writer or speaker.


  2. Well-expressed.


  3. Let her go Jack!
    Haunting Poem. šŸ˜¢


  4. Interesting poem, Jack. I loved it. šŸ™‚


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