How to have more spending money

There is scarcely anything that will drag you down like debt.

Basically there are two ways we can have more cash to spend on the things we really like, want, and desire ~ one is to go out and get more money, earn it, marry it, inherit it, steal it….

The other way to have more cash to spend on the things we really like is to spend less on ‘essentials’ ~ the things we have to buy to survive.

For if we remember our Dickens and what Mr. Micawber said in David Copperfield, happiness lies in spending less than we earn, and unhappiness lies in spending more than we actually have.

There are some tried and tested ways to spend less on the boring essentials.  In my quest for minimalistic living, I have personal, (sometimes very bitter), experience of all of these following ideas:

  1. Live in a smaller place.  Smaller homes cost less to buy, attract lower property taxes, and use less utilities; water, gas, electricity.
  2. If you can, switch your utilities provider to a better and cheaper company.  All utilities companies are money-grabbing vultures, but try to choose the best of a bad lot.
  3. Drive a smaller car.  Smaller cars are less expensive to buy and insure, and in general use much less gas than a bigger car with more weight and a bigger engine.  If you buy a classic smaller car, as opposed to the latest model, then you won’t even suffer from depreciation.
  4. Switch your car insurance to a better and cheaper company.
  5. Learn some DIY skills.  You don’t have to use expensive and useless contractors, car mechanics, cleaners, or gardeners.  It’s cheaper and better if you do as much as you can for yourself.
  6. Cut out impulse purchases.  On impulse, too many of us buy too much stuff that we don’t actually need, want, or really like.  All that stuff clutters up our home and convinces us that we need to move to a bigger place.
  7. Don’t marry a sexy trophy wife, (or toy boy), who will also want you to move into a bigger place.  A trophy wife, (or toy boy), will end up costing you most of your treasure, and you’ll end up with a broken heart.
  8. Don’t try to buy love.  It doesn’t work, it will cost you a fortune, and you’ll end up with a broken heart.
  9. Control your addictions….. booze, drugs, gambling, pornography, casual sex, smoking….. All of these will all cost you just about everything you have, including your self-respect.
  10. Resist the urge to have the latest and most expensive technologies.  You don’t need a huge TV, costly cable, the newest computer, the best tablet, the most expensive iPhone with the most expensive contract.
  11. Buy whole foods rather than processed, heavily packaged, and generally bad for you costly crap.
  12. Buy generic brands.  Trust me, I’ve been into factories where the expensive labels and generic brands are actually made on the same production line with exactly the same content.  Only the packaging is different.
  13. If you can, then buy in bulk.
  14. Stop going out to lunch at work, instead take a packed lunch.  Those people you go to lunch with are probably boring and certainly aren’t your real friends anyway.  And, if you’re an average guy the women you take to lunch are never going to have sex with you, so you’re wasting your time and money.
  15. Don’t join a gym.  Most of the people who have gym membership never go there.  For great exercise take a long walk in the sunshine instead.
  16. Visit thrift stores, and if you find clothes you like, then save money and buy ‘pre-loved’ stuff.
  17. Don’t give to a big charity.  (Have you any idea how much the bosses of the big charities pay themselves?  The average pay across the top 100 charities is more than £250,000 a year, plus huge bonuses.)
  18. Don’t spend all your time drinking in pubs and bars ~ the booze is expensive there, and nobody in your favourite pub is your real friend anyway.

And finally, don’t spend on borrowed money, especially credit cards which all charge usury rates of interest.  Credit cards are NOT money.  Really, really, really NEVER use a payday lender, which all charge eye-watering criminal rates of interest.

You can probably think of some other money-saving tips of your own.  For a month try making a note of what you actually spend your hard-earned on ~ I guarantee that you will be surprised and shocked.  Learn what you actually spend your money on, and then you can start to control your finances.

Some say that money can’t buy happiness.  And that a fool and his money are soon parted.  All I know is that having money makes misery more bearable.


jack collier


you can take the idea of living in a tiny home to the extreme…..

20 responses

  1. no tiny home for me….but most of the list I’ve done and it does save tons of money. I have no debt because of this. Now I just need to cut the cable cord but I do adore watching football and hockey (American football). good tips and reminders here Jack 🙂

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    1. Thanks sweetheart. Amazes me that you get the time to watch a football game. American football seems to go on for hours, and hours, and hours. ❤
      I've drastically downsized to a smaller place, (the garret), and I've never been happier or more comfortable.
      Kudos to you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Wow, I love this post. “happiness lies in spending less than we earn, and unhappiness lies in spending more than we actually have” this is so true! Living in a minimal way possible is the best way to go 🙂

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    1. Buying more clutter robs us of vital energy. We just don’t need all that crap. ❤

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  3. I moved in with my mother to help save money. I only use a credit card for really important things (like when my a/c went out). I keep my savings just in case too!

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    1. Well, sounds like you’re cool when it comes to taking care of your money. ❤

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      1. I learned the hard way!

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  4. Nooo 😭😭 all those small things* would make me cry only :)) just kidding.. but agreed, we need money to feel good 🙂 it’s a part of the world

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    1. Money might not make you happy, but I’d rather be miserable and rich than miserable and poor. ❤

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  5. Words of wisdom! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. ❤ ❤

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  6. While cars are useful, it is always cheaper (and good exercise) to walk the shorter journeys.

    If you really want to buy something…do your research on cheapest price (for same thing), and if possible, wait a week…just to make sure that you really want it and its not just an impulse buy after all!

    Good tips Jack!

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    1. I like walking, and you’re right, it’s great exercise. ❤


  7. Helpful post! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You’re welcome Robynbird. ❤


  8. This is so useful!! Haha thanks for sharing !

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    1. I’m pleased you found it useful. ❤


  9. Sound and useful advice indeed!👍😄

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