Love and Friendship

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.  For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.  ~  Sam Levenson.

Spiritual energy is not limited by geography; we can learn to project positive feelings across the miles.  We can also learn to leave all the negative feelings behind, and consider what we admire, like, and respect about those we care for.  Think about what they might need today, tomorrow, and always.  Send them thoughts and healing energies of comfort, peace, and love.

Be sensitive to their energies and use that sensitivity to enhance our relationships.  Is our friend feeling good, harassed, or even depressed?  Is someone we care for in need of comfort?  Can we send them healing love?

Remember that friendship and love comes unseen ~ we only see it go.

Sometime today, or tonight, we should try to feel the friendship and love we have for others, and the love they have for us.  Learn to see the friendship and love that exists all around us. Most of us should be learn to be a friend to ourself, we should learn to take care of ourself, and we should learn to love ourself.

For, without care, friendship, and love for ourselves we cannot truly care for, be a friend to, and love another.


jack collier


love yourself just as much as you profess to love another

5 responses

  1. ah, so you did receive my healing loving thoughts Jack ❤ they always hit their mark 🙂 nicely done here my friend ❤


  2. Well written Jack😃

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  3. Love and friendship come hand in hand. Two of the most beautiful things in the world.

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