Homeward Bound

This morning the freeway was closed on my way to the airport.  Accident, lots of police black and whites.

All of my flights have been changed, so I have a layover in Dallas / Fort Worth in stead of Chicago. Hmmmmm

But, now I am well on my way back to England and home.

I miss California and my friend already, and I shall, always.

But, there is no place like home.  I guess.  😊😊😊😊

Jack Collier



6 responses

  1. Safe travels. Enjoy Dallas!

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  2. I am glad you are on your way home, for I think you will begin to heal better there. Give a hug to Marmaduke for me, and a huge, yet gentle one for y’self. Love ‘n hugs, Jack. ❤

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  3. Dallas is nice. And O’Hare is only a hop, skip & jump from my town. Safe travels home 😎

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  4. I bet Marmy waving & jumping about on sofa on your return . 😊

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  5. Safe travels, sir.

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