Wants, Needs, and Maslow

Do you believe, in the clear white light?

Before one can make a plan, we first have to decide what we are trying to achieve.  What do we really want, need, and what do we dream?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs says that all sane people are motivated to achieve the same needs, wants, and desires – and that some needs take precedence over others.  The most basic needs relate to physical survival; air, water, shelter, food, sleep, stability, safety, and sex.  It’s interesting that Maslow regards sex as a basic need – and I tend to agree with that.  All creatures expend an awful lot of effort just to get sex – usually with the aim of passing on one’s genes to the next generation.

In human terms, a lack of good sex can destroy a relationship, no matter how many of the other basic and higher needs a relationship provides.

There are lots of different versions of Maslow’s pyramid / triangle but they all acknowledge that the brute physical needs are the basis of everyone’s life.  You can’t easily work on self-actualisation when you’re thirsty, cold, and hungry.

There is another basic need which isn’t mentioned in the pyramid I’ve shown; Health.  Unless you are healthy and fit, in body, mind, and spirit it’s difficult to work on any of your higher needs.  Indeed, if you are really ill it’s hard to work on anything except recovering from one’s illness.

Recently, (or for years and years), I’ve been pretty sick in my mind and spirit.  My thoughts have been dark and meaningless.  All of my worst character defects have been to the fore.  I have been angry, blaming, jealous, judgmental, uncharitable, and lacking in love for myself and others.

Ergo, one of my basic needs is to recover my mental, psychological, and spiritual health.  Whatever plan I make, whatever I do, I need to make recovery from mental, psychological, and spiritual sickness my first priority.

I need to walk the warrior’s path towards the clear white light of love and true enlightenment.

I know that this will not be easy, and I know that I will need help.

I believe that if I am sincere, and I ‘walk the walk’, I can recover from the darkness that has been tormenting me.  I hope that someday I will vanquish the demons deep within my soul.

Jack Collier




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  1. […] Wants, Needs, and Maslow […]

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  2. Thank you for this post. It helps me, too. I’m so thankful for the followers, FRIENDS you have in here to help guide you.
    They are the lights in our darkness.

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    1. Theccaring comments I receive here are helping me to go on, and inspiring me to grow towards the light. 💖💖💖

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      1. Heart you, dear.

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  3. I totally get this, Jack. I started writing a comment and ended up with a huge paragraph which I decided not to post here in your comments. It probably stated things you already know, like we all have darkness within us, it is what we choose to do with it that reveals who we are. Let yourself feel and then listen to what it is trying to tell you. Don’t let others tell you what you need to do and don’t let society tell you either. When you are ready and open what you need will appear. I’ve witnessed this myself just this week in my own life. Take care, Jack, you aren’t alone. ~Patti

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    1. I believe, no I hope, that I have started to climb back out of the black pit of judgemental negativity. I know there is light ahead and all I have to do is be honest and open with myself and the people who care about me and all will be well ❤

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  4. I’m very sorry you’re so troubled. It’s not easy to get through such darkness alone. Perhaps when you’re home, you should find an excellent, kind therapist to help you navigate your troubled waters. There’s no need to go it alone and you may find great relief and insight from talking it over with someone who can offer wisdom and advice. It’s not just about “manning up” and striving for strength. You need to learn how to save your own life and enjoy the adventures along the way. Best of luck to you!

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    1. Things are much, much better for me than they were just a few short hours ago. 💖

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  5. That’s a good start Jack!

    It is just a question, but could something terrible have happened in your childhood that was so bad, your psyche has blocked it from memory?

    You don’t need to answer that here, because it is personal. But think about the question.

    Two things might release an old, forgotten memory that has lodged deep inside and altered your perception of the world and your place in it.

    The first is Massage Therapy. Muscles often hold memory. As a former massage therapist, I often found myself listening to clients who begin to cry and recount awful traumas that have happened to them, whether it be an abusive father, or a war torn situation their family fled from. These memories lock themselves away to fester in strange pains and stressed sick bodies. The massage process is intimate and there is an exchange of energy. The most unlikely cause of muscle and body pain is those memories themselves.

    The second method is to go to hypnotherapy and have regression work to take you back into your early years.
    I believe this helps a lot of people to resolve their issues.

    I doubt you have demons, but the exorcism practices through various religions do believe such things exist. If you know anyone who does ‘smudging’ with sage and other herbs, they may be able to help with clearing the lingering ‘demons’ you speak about.

    Your pain will pass, but as you say, you need to do the work and not ignore the constant messages any longer.

    Many people, including myself, have hit rock bottom before realising the errors they have constantly made. It is not an easy journey to find ‘yourself’ in all the crap, but it is a worthwhile one!

    Love and Light for success in clearing your anger, your blame, your negative thoughts, your hostility, your pain, your stress and your hatreds. Let go of all the old…and heal.

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    1. Demons is a metaphor, I don’t actually believe that I have real demons. But who the hell knows.
      When I was about 4 years old my maternal grandmother died, and until her death she had been my principal carer. I hoped I’d dealt with that loss by writing a letter to myself as a young boy. Perhaps not.
      Or there could be something deeper and more traumatic that I haven’t found.
      Although I am willing to do the work, my own subconscious could be trying to protect me.
      I could be subconsciously afraid to go there.
      I believe that whatever terrible rock bottom I have reached, there is always something much worse waiting for me if I’m psychotic enough to go there.
      Until I get back to England I will work on my issues with my own resources of fresh air, exercise, thought, prayer, and meditation.
      When I get home I will seek help from whatever avenue I can find it.
      My friend has suggested I look for something mystical / spiritual.
      Thank you for your honest and thoughtful comments.


      1. You will find your answers Jack. Just be open to all possible avenues for healing… They usually drop into your lap without effort when you are on the right path!

        Be well and try to enjoy the sunshine… It is awfully rainy in UK (and here in Spain). Sunshine is a great cleanser of spirit! 💛

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  6. and you will Jack, just by writing out your feelings, good and bad and allowing people in to drop a good word or so, you’re already lifting some of the burden. Sending healing thoughts and prayers as you learn and rise, stay the course warrior and you will be free of the darkness. K

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    1. I’m very grateful for your kind support. 💝
      Somewhere deep within me is a demonic sickness. I need to find it, accept it, and let it go.
      I will try to deal with this problem of mine. I may die still trying.

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