Emergency Room

If It Doesn’t Hurt It’s Embarrassing

So, I spent some time in the Emergency Room.  I dreamed of roses.

In the middle of the night.

I was walking in my sleep.  In the valley of dark dreams.  In a river of shit so deep.

In the middle of the night. Blood pouring from my head.  Still bleeding right now. All over the hotel bed linen.  It’s the middle of the night.

My friend is pissed that I gave her name as my next of kin.  I thought she was my friend.

I don’t know anyone else in Orange County.

So I’m in disgrace.  What is worse?

So I want to die.  Maybe that is worse.

Which is worse?  To live or to die.

Dying or living with a woman you love who does not love you?

Jack Collier




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  1. Oh this is just terrible! Had I known it would all go to shit, I’d surely have given you my number in case of emergency. I told you I’m in OC…
    I’m always willing to listen and be a friend.

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  2. Jack think soon well enough to travel think should cut your vacation short come back to uk if your so unhappy😢. Doesn’t sound like a dream holiday Hun.

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  3. What Dr. Thomas said above. Also, must add that in years working in ER’s, this is the first I’ve heard of anyone upset over being named as a contact. Seems a rather strong reaction? May you heal well. And … remember, disgrace is in the eye of the beholder. There are worse things. Peace out. 🙂

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  4. Tell her to get over herself. Is she a woman or a child because she is acting like a baby! It is logical you would put her as a contact. More importantly why would she act this way when she knew you were coming to visit. It is so sad to read how you are being treated. Is she perhaps married is that the reason for her weird behaviour or maybe she is anxious. Doesn’t know what to expect.
    Forgive my own rudeness in assuming much.
    Hope for the rest of the night you get a pleasant sleep

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  5. Awwww Jack … no … y’know, there are other choices between dying and living with a woman who doesn’t love you. Be okay, Jack … please? Love and hugs, dear Jack … ❤

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  6. Aww geee..what happened Jack?

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