5,500 miles to be on my own

No breakfast with my friend this morning.

I feel bad about that.

Flown 5,500 miles to eat breakfast alone.

How crap is that?

jack collier



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  1. Jack … never let anyone else be responsible for your happiness. Please take care of yourself. Hugs!!! ❤

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  2. I’m sorry. I hope you can find something to enjoy about the day. Laguna Beach is really pretty, with little artsy stores to peek into. The Huntington Beach pier is fun too, with Ruby’s at the end. There’s actually a nice library in HB on Talbert with a park behind it where you can walk and see duckies. 🙂


  3. A quote I’ve always used is if there’s no happy me, there’s no happy we. You need to do your soul searching and learn to accept that which you cannot change. Work on you, the rest will fall into place and don’t put so much pressure on yourself to deal with another person, perhaps accept her as a friend and let the rest go, might help the relationship, still sending healing thoughts and prayers Jack ❤ K

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  4. Enjoy it while you still can 😉

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