Disturbed and Distressed

 Sometimes There Is Nothing A Man Can Do

Today, despite everything, and that I am on vacation in sunny Southern California, I feel very, very bad.

I don’t know if I have ever been this suicidally distressed in my life.  I feel beyond ordinarily upset.

Things are not even going wrong, and nobody is trying to upset me.

But I have got myself trapped in things that happened to someone else in the past, and it’s destroying me.

It’s crazy, but I don’t know how to escape this destructive emotional distress.

Perhaps I should not get involved with a woman, not ever.

Just keep on keeping on I think.

Maybe I will better tomorrow.

I hope so.

jack collier



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  1. Aren’t those clouds black! But mind they are only small clouds and very beautiful. Myself I think despair has a vivid beauty. I think it serves a purpose. Hang onto it and let it flow until it becomes something positive…inspiration, and understanding. To know is to love.


  2. be well Jack and keep on keeping on, don’t be too hard on yourself, breathe deep and let go, it will set your mind free to pursue what is most important, your health and heart ❤

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  3. You can and you will! Just remember, plenty of women out there..the right one will come. If not, fret not as there are other things to keep you going in life. Singletons can have fun too you know 🙂

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    1. Having fun with you would be cool. ❤

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  4. One day at a time…

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  5. Wishing you the best, Jack. Please be well and remember you are always Free.

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  6. it will get better. It always does. Sending you my very best.

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  7. Think of marmy waiting for you in the Garrett. If you this poorly maybe might be worth try swap for earlier flight back to the uk get proper British help while you feel like this.
    Please be strong think of everybody who care about you back home. They all want you to have a great time on your holiday. Hope you get better soon jack big hugs from me 🙏🏻💋x

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  8. You are strong enough to make it through this too. Listen to magickmermaid and go walk in the sunshine with your camera and dazzle us with what you see. The sun, fresh air and beautiful distractions will work wonders. Know I’m in California right now sending hugs your way.

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    1. Thank you sweetheart.

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  9. Stop, take a great big breath, and actively get over yourself.
    Stop indulging your own drama.

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  10. Sending healing energy to you, Jack. You will succeed!
    Perhaps a walk somewhere with your camera. Your photos are always wonderful.


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