au revoir England

Life is a journey ~ enjoy the ride.

At 06:00 Greenwich Mean Time (UTC) this morning a car is picking me up to take me to the airport.  I fly out of Newcastle upon Tyne at 09:35, and eventually land at John Wayne airport in Orange County, California at 20:32 local.

Last evening I had some strange misgivings about this whole vacation.  Ah well, I can always spend a few weeks on a long solo road trip.  I do like to spend some quiet time just looking at the sky.

This was the view I had from the garret early this morning.

Here it’s a nice day right now, but we’re due for some brutal weather soon.  Mostly, I’m glad that I’m not going to be here to suffer through it.

My teddy bear, Marmaduke, so wanted to come along that he tried to hide in my bag.  I’m sad for him that there just wasn’t the room this trip.


jack collier


maybe next time Marmy


8 responses

  1. Have a wonderful time, Jack! Don’t forget to write 🙂

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  2. Bon Voyage and await your return with more travel tales! Have fun and take care Jack!

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  3. Have a lovely time and safe/uneventful travel!

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  4. Have a SPECTACULAR trip and enjoy every minute of it!

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