If you didn’t laugh you’d cry.

The News from England is utterly depressing.

We have a pretty serious argument with Russia over the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter, just a stone’s throw from the 13th Century Salisbury Cathedral.  Some of our left-leaning politicians seem to support Russia over this atrocity.

We have very serious arguments among ourselves over the fateful decision to leave Europe, (Brexit).  Alongside that we have continuous disagreements with the European Union over just about everything.

Up in the North, (actually south of where I live), there are ongoing scandals about the grooming of young white girls for sex by much older Asian men, (mostly Moslems).  Because the fear of seeming to be racially prejudiced the police and everyone else with official responsibility has been turning a blind eye to this for years. (Not just in the North ~ Asian men all over England have been engaged in this disgusting criminal practice for decades.)

Meanwhile, anyone from outside Britain with anti-Muslim views, who wants to take advantage of our freedom of speech laws and actually talk about it here is banned from entering the country.

One of best-loved comedians, Ken Dodd, has just died.  One of his one-liners; ‘I haven’t spoken to my wife for 18 months.  I don’t like to interrupt her…’

And, the weather here is about to get worse… again.  Cold, gales, grey skies, rain, thunderstorms.  What fun.  I’m glad I won’t be here to see that because I fly to Southern California in 2 days.  Sadly poor Marmaduke won’t be my travelling companion on this vacation.  I’ve decided to heed my own advice, (borrowed from hordes of previous travellers), take half as much luggage as you think you need and twice as much money.  Leaving England right now will be such a wrench, (irony).

England, this Sceptred Isle, this other Eden, this precious stone set in the silver sea.  ~  Shakespeare, Richard II.

I won’t be following the news at all while I’m in California ~ I don’t want to be depressed while I’m on vacation.


jack collier



the beaches of Orange County


4 responses

  1. Heart wrenching..
    Have a great trip..


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  2. Have a great trip and keep avoiding the news!

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    1. Thanks. ❤ ❤ ❤


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