Cold and snow

When two English people meet their first topic of conversation is going to be the weather; ‘It’s nice out isn’t it?’  or ‘brass monkeys here today.’

Well it’s certainly brass monkeys here in England.  It’s snowing and it freezing cold, (for England), just on freezing point actually.  Some places, Alaska for example, would think that 32 degrees F is balm and nothing to get exited about.  Not here.

The news headlines this morning;

Emma batters Britain:  Families are ordered to EVACUATE as snow gives way to lethal black ice turning UK roads into ‘death traps’ while 50mph storms continue to rage across the country.

I think whoever wrote that headline wasn’t born when England had some really bad winters.

Still, this one is bad enough.  I’ve been trapped in the garret for 3 days, and my phone lines have been down until a few hours ago.  Of course that could be due to the guys digging up the street outside the garret.

What it looks like across much of England.

jack collier

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  1. From sunny Spain, although Emma has been felt here too… we watch the news in England… my mum keeps repeating… yes it’s winter here, all is ok❤️Keep warm jack and enjoy your winter.


  2. Thanks for clarification. Have a warmer week ahead Jack


  3. Boatload of snow! Yikes!

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  4. Poor you! I hope you have enough food stocked up. Are you in a loft/attic unit…garret…not quite sure if I understood garret correctly?

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    1. The garret is a loft.
      ❤ ❤

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  5. OH MY Goodness!!!!!!!!! I wondered why you have not been around. What a mess. I do hope it doesn’t take too long to get sorted back to normal.
    One of the places I lived was like a sponge, water didn’t stay long–nor did snow melt. Hoping your area is spongy and you can get out soon!!!! xoxoxo

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