Charities’ Sex Scandals

Charity compelled is simply a polite word for slavery.

Big Charities, often known as the Third Sector, disgust  and appall me.

Personally, I only ever donate to one charity, and that is my local hospice.  Under no circumstances would I ever donate to ‘Big Charity’ ~ organisations such as the disgraced Oxfam, the RSPB, the RSPCA, Save the Children, Wellcome Trust, World Food Programme, World Vision.

I’m not a fan of giving to charities.  I have a few I support but the overhead and inefficiencies really bother me.  Instead I pay people’s bills and help solve problems.  ~  Mark Cuban

Previously the reason I never gave to charities other than my local hospice was my disgust at how much the bosses of the big charities paid themselves ~ the average, (mean), pay for executives in the top 100 UK charities was £255,000 pounds a year in 2017, ($350,000).  Fourteen of the top 100 charities paid their highest earners more than £300,000 a year ~ and those huge pay deals come straight out of the money that is supposed to go to good causes.  That is obscene.

The highest paid charities bosses in England all work for charitable healthcare trusts, with the top people at the London Clinic, Nuffield Health, and St. Andrews Healthcare all earning over £750,000 a year, ($1,050,000).

It’s even worse in the USA with the boss of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center being paid $6,700,003 in 2016.  The boss of the National Rifle Association, (which has charitable status), was paid $1,422,339 in 2016 ~ the NRA like AR-15 assault rifles such as the type used to kill 17 people in a Florida High School recently.

Disproportionate salaries risk bringing charitable organisations and the wider charitable world into disrepute.  ~  William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission.

And now there is another reason I won’t give to charities other than my local hospice ~ the big aid charities are discovered to be the natural home and hunting ground for sex-pests, perverts, paedophiles and rapists.

From Africa, to the Caribbean, end even in thrift stores in the United Kingdom, there has been a continual flood of disturbing news of sex abuse, some of it of the worst kind imaginable, with under-age girls and boys being forced to trade their bodies for food by aid workers.  Desperate teen prostitutes were paid in rice to have sex with groups of Oxfam workers at drunken orgies in Haiti.  This is far beyond disgusting.

Even the respected Archbishop Desmond Tutu has resigned as an ambassador for Oxfam ~ the worst hit of the sex-scandal charities, for now.

You would think their would be some contrition at the highest levels in Oxfam, but NO there isn’t.  Oxfam still will not release the names of the guilty aid workers.  The disingenuous Mark Goldring, the charity’s chief executive, has said that; ‘the issue had been blown out of all proportion…’ He claimed that critics were ‘gunning’ for the charity.  And, ‘it’s not like we murdered babies in their cots…’  This sanctimonious man sickens me.

All of a sudden we’ve got two former ministers calling for my resignation.  What I felt really clearly is many people haven’t wanted to listen to explanations.  ~  Mark Goldring.

How do you explain away child sex abuse and rape?

The UK government was giving some £32 million of taxpayers money to Oxfam annually ~ this funding has been suspended.  Many right-thinking people think that it should be stopped altogether, permanently.

I will never give a penny-piece to any charity than my cash-poor local hospice.  Unfortunately, the UK Government’s Department for International Development currently squanders £13.4 billion a year on ill-judged funding to organisations like Oxfam and the disgraced UN.  I have no choice in where the government spends the money I pay in taxes.

That too is disgusting.

Nothing to do with any of this makes me feel proud to be British.


jack collier

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  1. What does this article prove about human nature which runs the world at all levels. In a big organisation there are bound to be bad apples of all types and the sexual scandals have proved this to be the case. Ask yourself this question can we really reform human nature which cares for itself first since we are all tribal by nature? I live in the UK and I’m retired and bellow the poverty line, yet my income places me in the top 2% of the global population. In India twenty million have no toilets and one third of the world have an income of $2 per day or less.
    It is my good fortune to have been born into one of the richest countries in the world.


  2. I grew up with the saying charity start at home . I saw old man with blanket outside local town Center of shops. I didn’t give him money . I went to nearby bakery got him warm meat pie and sausage. Woman behind aren’t I getting him a cake. I said No a cake is desert and treat. He needs warm solid food That fill him than cake.
    Think we need look at our own problems before we look at other countries problems🤔
    Think I need cold compress writing this lol

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    1. Spell correct meat pie and sausage roll

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  3. Good article Jack. Unfortunately there is so much injustice. I can understand executives earning a salary for their work but these salaries are outrageous! And in regards to the sex scandals and rape, well there are no words that can make it better, although taking all of these beasts and parachuting them into an active volcano would be a good resolution.

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    1. I am certain that there are some worthy and capable individuals who could run these big charities and wouldn’t expect a huge salary. I’m certain there are some good people who would run a ‘Big Charity’ for nothing but expenses.
      And that kind of person would soon stop the sex pests, perverts, paedophiles, and rapists short in their disgusting tracks. I think I would prefer they suffered a long time in the big house rather than a short jump into a volcano.
      ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. I can’t agree more. There is even deeper things going on within the charities, like for breast cancer research and other type charities which makes my own blood boil having gone through breast cancer myself. A single mother, sole income earner, and these charities spend untold amount of money on things like pink ribbons instead of helping single parents in need of home support when getting chemo sickens me. I won’t mention what I think about funding research for treatments that destroy the body instead of help restore it to health. I feel the same way in regards to the high salaries in CORPORATE BIG BUSINESS when companies continue to lay off those who do all the hard work to create the products and services these people sell in order to pay for their HUGE salaries. People they care nothing about leaving jobless so they can continue to get paid their HUGE salaries. Bravo for having the balls to speak up, Jack. ❤

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    1. Most of the people at the top of the heap care nothing at all for the worker bees labouring away down in the muck. They care nothing for the people they are supposed to be helping, or their customers, or the wider environment. There are exceptions, but good ‘bosses’ are very few and far between.
      As for trading food for sex in disaster areas, those aid workers should be in jail.
      Thank you for your incisive comment.
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. BRAVO!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  6. Nodding in agreement.

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