Chaos and Terror

Chaos is the Cosmos telling you that you are forever lost.

Turmoil.  Mind like a lost gypsy cab driving through a chaotic concrete jungle.

Dystopia.  Disembarking, it’s so dark and it’s so quiet in the ruins, grey and burned black broken like bad teeth .

Lost.  Then I’m walking on wet cobbled stones, just a bum with threadbare dirty clothes, down at the heel shoes, a body that’s all skin and bones. 

Doom.  The final dark gloom of a Dead Man Walking to nowhere and forever.

Despair.  Now all the good has gone from my life ~ what is joy, what is elation?

Dishonour.  I want you all to know that once I was proud, once I was a man and once I meant something.  But that’s not now.  That’s not now.

Terror.  I need to wake up.  I need to go home.  I need to find friendship again.

Loneliness.  I have no love, only blackness in my heart, my Goddess has gone.

Nightmare.  But, bad memories, just like the seas, live on.



jack collier

5 responses

  1. Dark, brooding and while artistic, can pull the reader’s mood down. What did it do to the writer’s mood?😶

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    1. Thanks for the perceptive comment. I found righting this cathartic, it took away night terrors I didn’t realise I had.


      1. That is a good thing then.😊

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  2. OH! This is so sad. I keep looking for the sunshine on the seawater, the glimpse of light for a better tomorrow. I know it is there. No darkness can live without light. Light exists not to destroy dark, but to enhance it. You can’t have light if darkness doesn’t exist.
    Heart you—-

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    1. This is a weird dystopian piece, sort of like night terrors, or one of those science fiction movies where everything is bad, mad, dark and unpleasant. I’d call this ‘prose poetry’ and when I write ‘poetry’ it comes straight from my deepest subconscious without much deliberate intervention before it’s published. So there you go. ❤ ❤
      Lots of love and hugs to you Kris. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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