Isolation and Loneliness

People are lonely because they build walls for themselves.


Do you live inside a prison of your own making?

Do you remember building those fortress walls?

A wall of protection, are you looking for an opening?

Are you happy  living in your empty, echoing halls?

Are you trying to find a way to freedom, escaping?

How dark and lonely are your clouds, cliffs, and hills?

No use running, happiness is too far away for running.


jack collier

6 responses

  1. Hi Jack. I rather take umbrage at that poem. It suggests that loneliness is always the fault of the lonely. Actually it seldom is. It is all very well going out and mixing if you have a car and if you know of a place to go, other than the local supermarket. Even a healthily socialized gregarious person feels trepidation when walking into a room full of strangers comfortably chatting away. But half of the lonely people in England find it difficult, for quite legitimate reasons, even getting out of their house.

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    1. I believe you are reading too much of yourself into my poem, whereas this poem is actually about me.


  2. Another insight-filled post. This made me reflect that loneliness is subjective: some spend solitary time and find that healing: others think of who isn’t there and feel alone. (No judgment either way).

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    1. I believe that some alone time is good, but being isolated and alone can be very painful.
      Thank you for your kind words. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Hit it on the nail….

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    1. Thank you, I try. ❤


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