Dreams of Disaster

Life is difficult and painful ~ magic happens.


promises in a witch’s kiss

moonlight solitary darkness

walking alone in madness

feeling the bitter loneliness

knowing that she is heartless

and a loveless disaster beckons



jack collier


5 responses

  1. Look for that magic…it is around the edge of tomorrow! xo

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  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ as always, your words strike harmony with the universe and the moon at large 🙂

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  3. Dark but great! Love your word chemistry in this one!

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  4. One kiss will
    enlighten the flame
    To start the light of a new day

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  5. Salvation in the kiss of the sun
    Moving from the darkness into light
    Walking into open arms
    Feeling the embrace of acceptance
    Knowing your internal light
    That will ultimately set you free

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