Dreams and Darkness



the moon still shines in the deep darkness

the night is filled with malevolent stillness

my dreams are fueled with harsh blackness

a soul shattered, scattered with wickedness

evil goddess incarnate uncaring in hardness

yet I know in my dreams my soul is helpless

enraptured by her exotic sexual weirdness


jack collier


5 responses

  1. Passion and pain mixed in one beautiful poem. ♥️💙

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    1. Things are a little fraught just now. ❤

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      1. Hoping you are ok Jack, please take good care of yourself. You are needed 💙


  2. Exotic sexual weirdness…she sounds scary!!!!!! I see a tall statuesque creature in black skin tight shiny something with heels ready to devour you. She’s some kind of vampire…. Brrrr!!!!
    OK, we need fun fairies and dryads and silly sweet earthy sexy things to dream of at night!!!

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    1. I like the thought of an erotic, scary, statuesque woman in heels. ❤ ❤ ❤


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