Quantum Psychology

I want the moon to be there, even when I’m not looking at it.

Nobody really understands quantum mechanics, or quantum physics, or quantum biology, or quantum psychology, or quantum theory.

If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.  ~  Niels Bohr

I have long been fascinated by the spooky world of quantum physics and quantum mechanics, where nothing makes sense, everything is possible, the totally weird is commonplace, and things seem to happen by random chance.  Many respectable scientists will have nothing whatsoever to do with anything called Quantum ~ even Albert Einstein was unhappy about quantum physics.

God does not play dice with the universe.  ~  Albert Einstein

Recently I discovered that there is a thing called quantum biology, where quantum effects are applied to biological objects, events, and problems.

It occurred to me that the spooky stuff in quantum mechanics could also be applied to physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual events and effects in humans.  That there should be something called quantum psychology.  It turns out that some other people believe that quantum psychology does exist, and they believe it is strange, spooky, and probably doesn’t make sense.  In fact, anything to do with the quantum world is counterintuitive and goes against ‘common sense’.

If the word ‘fuck’ is obscene or dirty, why isn’t the word ‘duck’ 75% dirty.  ~  Robert Anton Wilson.

The reason I started to believe in quantum psychology is that, from time to time, I have been instantly affected, (in real time), by thoughts and feelings my friend has, even though she is 5,256 miles away in Orange County, Southern California.  There is a phenomena in quantum physics called quantum entanglement, where actions performed on one entangled particle affect the other, even when the entangled particles are separated by a great distance.  Albert Einstein called this spooky connections and spooky action at a distance.  I believe this spooky connection exists in quantum psychology, which is why things my friend does, thinks, or feels in California can affect me here in England.

This is weird, but if quantum psychology really does exist, then it is guaranteed to be weird.  Quantum physics reveals the basic interconnectedness and oneness of all things in the universe, which reveals that all people are connected at some level, therefore I am connected to my friend, even when I’m in England and she is in Southern California.

…so many people have been hypnotized by Aristotelian yes / no logic to the extent that any step beyond that Bronze Age mythos seems to them a whirling, dizzying plunge into a pit of Chaos and the Dark Night of Nihilism.  ~  Robert Anton Wilson.

This means that in the quantum world boolean algebra, which is basically yes / no and 0 or 1 logic, does not exist, or does not always apply.  In the quantum world, in the world of quantum psychology, true and false do not actually exist.  This absolutely mirrors the real world of medical psychology and practical psychology, where everybody lies, nothing is completely true, and understanding people is more of a black art than a science.

One of the sayings I found most useful form my study of Neuro Linguistic Programming is that information does not have to be true to be useful.  The theories of Quantum Psychology may not be completely true, but they are a very useful way of understanding intimate interpersonal relationships.  The theories of quantum psychology may even help men understand women.

Some women anyhow.


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8 responses

  1. Insightful post Jack. Deepak wrote some years ago on the theme of Quantum Healing. Did you know that the cellular structure of the body, holds memory of events.

    I have first hand knowledge of this as a former massage therapist. When massaging people with injuries, I often found that the chronic pains were associated with traumatic events… For instance I have had women break down and tell me of physical spousal abuse, or a terrible childhood event while they are in treatment. The breakdown brings tears, but also healing… The chronic pain begins to resolve once the emotional memory has been recalled. The memory, hidden for years had manifested in the physical body. This is true for men too… Some of my biggest successes were the men who most thought that I could not help them.

    The Quantum world is full of wonder…we just have to discover it. 💓

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  2. The best way of understanding women is to raise the level of your thoughts concerning them, and then you will find that there really is no difference between the way men and women think. Remember, the only thing that modern women find at all attractive in Alpha Males that have not made this transition, is their money.

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  3. the invisible thread that runs through each of us and connects us to each other and the universe as a whole, all is us, we are all and those that believe in the depth of forever entwined realize it all just is, sense or not, vibrational….thoughts become things so choose the good ones. Yay Jack ❤ this post, connected to it on many levels.

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    1. Thank you wonderful woman that you are. ❤
      I believe that people can become entangled and interconnected, and that all it needs is the wanting it to happen.
      I love the things you say, and your kindness.
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. I love love love this!!! It isn’t spooky or weird …ok, it is kind of weird…but OH how much fun!!! I have always wanted a connection like this. I think mom’s somehow do at times or twins. I didn’t understand more than 2/3 of what you were talking about, but I do love it. (I think I said that!)
    Excellent share!

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    1. Thank you Kris.
      I love the things you say to me.
      I’m pretty damn certain that we could develop a spooky connection between us, all that it takes is that I really like you and want it to happen.
      Lots of love and hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I love it that I can make you giggle. ❤

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