Be Yourself

My epiphany came in that moment of the dawn.

In my heart

I feel like I was born again

In my soul

I feel an entire new beginning

In my spirit

It feels like I am an entire man

In dreams

It feels like my life is starting anew

because of the dreadful dawn Aphrodite brings

and she brings torture, torment, pain, and sorrows 

she brings eroticism, sexual love, and bright tomorrows 


jack collier






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5 responses

  1. Aphrodite’s Dawn…..I love that particular image. (I think I’d name a boat that or a rose)
    The thoughts you paired with those words are powerful and different. I like how they are different…that is where their power is.
    May we walk in that dawn together sometime and enjoy what the dawn brings.

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    1. I would love to walk in the new light of dawn with you.
      Sail away with me forever.
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Colette,
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments.
    My epiphany began with psychological pain, fear, anxiety ~ a feeling of utter abandonment. My old ways and dark thinking filled my mind. The darkness welled up from my soul, almost as though the darkness was within my DNA.
    It did feel as though my Goddess was punishing me.
    I was dashed to the bottom, my world seemed like a metaphor for Hades.
    Much later I started to feel a little better, the pain wasn’t as bad.
    Acceptance and understanding of the knowledge, truth, and spirituality that was given to me is still working its way through my mind, my heart, and my soul.
    I believe I am a much better guy than I was before December 11th, more rounded, more together, more supportive, kinder and more compassionate. I also believe I have much more work to do, but my journey will now be joyful.
    The warrior’s path is a hard, hard road to walk, but now the way does not seem so difficult.
    I look forward to reading your post on the light within us.
    Jack Collier
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Interesting imagery…

    In the first part of your poem, you portray a peace and joy brought on by new thinking.

    In the second you recognise an old pattern of the tortuous path of love and possibly blame the Goddess Aphrodite. But do you really feel at the mercy of the ‘Gods.’

    You can become independent of ‘the Gods’ Jack. Once free, you will no longer feel their torture.

    Physical Love is only the manifestation of a greater compassion for all. Love yourself first and really mean it. Honour yourself. Then you are set free into the conscious love of all. A physical love will no longer hurt…it will be a meeting of minds and bodies and more interesting. And when it ends (mostly because you are heading in a different direction to your chosen partner) you will be intact because you are interwoven with a greater, and more connected love that you have built within.

    Our lives are full of events. What we must do is to make sense of them and find knowledge and truth from them.

    A person who has not been dashed to the bottom can never know a complete truth.
    A person who has hit bottom and then begins to climb, will find extraordinary heights because they have found the truth.

    That truth will be different for everyone, but it will incorporate some basics. That we are greater beings than we know. That we can heal ourselves and others, just with our thoughts. That we must put compassion first in all situations. That we must find happiness within. That material possessions mean very little.

    I will be doing a post (when I get round to it) on light. We are made of light Jack. Scientists have found photons (light sensitive particles) within all of our cell structure and they are part of the organisational state of our bodies. No, they are not powerful enough to luminesce in the dark, but they are powerful enough to be found by the latest instruments. Their organisational ability suggests self healing qualities. Profound stuff that ancient mystical religions have known for eons.

    Be well Jack.💕😊

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