Trust Your Instincts

Begin by connecting with what’s really important.

Well, I’ve just started to work through the Dreambook & Planner I was given as a Christmas gift.  The initial task seems to be that I should identify my core values, my skills and my talents, and sort out what my purpose in life is supposed to be.

That’s a tall order, and not something I could do in a few minutes.  Or, maybe it is something I should do in a few minutes ~ just jotting down my first thoughts.  Sometimes it’s better not to think too hard and ponder too much.  Sometimes if I overthink things I just go around in circles.

I seem to have run in a great circle, and met myself again on the starting line.  ~  Jeanette Winterson.

There is a useful saying; ‘Your first guess is your best guess….’  Or, put it another way; ‘Trust your instincts….’  Instinctive behaviour is the way we act, or react, without having to think about it.  Psychologists talk about fixed action patterns, which are hard-wired into our neural network.  The best example I can think of in humans would be in sports, where such things as a golf swing, or baseball swing, become hard-wired into the brain after much practice.

Instincts in humans are sometimes called gut feelings or intuition, and it’s about ‘knowing’ things without consciously reasoning.

Our brains actually store every experience we have ever had, and that huge library of information is one half of what our gut feelings are based on.  The other half of a ‘gut feeling‘ is emotion.  Add our stored memories to emotion and we get instincts, gut feelings, intuition ~ call it what you will….

Don’t you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct.  ~  Barbara Corcoran.

Instinct and intuition are very powerful, and often the right answer to any question will come from instinct, rather than reason.  Ergo, in the case of my identifying my own core values, my gifts, and my life purpose, I intend to go with my gut feeling, intuition, and instincts.  Of course, after I’ve written down my first guesses, I will go back and spend ages rethinking my answers.

Gut feelings are all very well, but something tells me that reasoning is better.


jack collier




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11 responses

  1. Those first thoughts are the truthful ones Jack. We can temper them with reasoning, social conditioning, logic and all manner of rethought ideas, but that first thing to blurt its way from your subconscious to your conscious brain is what you really think and what your being follows. If those thoughts are ugly to your conscious brain, you must find a way to reprogram your subconscious side.❤

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    1. Right now the truth is more important to me than whether my first thoughts are nice or ugly. Finding out what I need to work on is where it’s at.
      Thank you for the insightful comments. ❤❤❤

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    1. Thank you for reblogging my post.


      1. Of course I really enjoyed it thank you for staying inspired and spreading that

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  2. Those first thoughts are most likely the best ones.
    (I had to laugh. When I read your words about skills and talents, I thought, ‘I am a good kisser.’ Although, few have told me this, so I could be wrong. I may just like it! I wonder if that is a skill or a talent or is it even important???)

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    1. I like that you are a good kisser.
      It’s important.
      I’d really like to find out just how good.


  3. carswithasideofcouscous | Reply

    Good plan. Use the Force, Jack.

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    1. The force is strong in this one.


  4. Trust your gut, bud.

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    1. You’re right Robynbird. 💞

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