Acceptance and Understanding

Any fool can know.  The point is to understand.

In any real relationship there sometimes comes a point where the past raises its ugly head, and that’s where things can get complicated.  The problem is that if the past is not accepted and understood, then the future is going nowhere except into a slow-motion train wreck.

What is needed is real acceptance and understanding of the simultaneous past / present / futures.  For without that there is no real point in continuing any relationship.

What is acceptance, and what is understanding?  There is a big difference between reluctant acceptance ~ which is what most people descend to ~ and true honest understanding.

To reach the nirvana of true and honest understanding, there must first of all be true honesty.  And, in this life true honesty is as rare and fleeting as a double rainbow.

I have never before known real honesty in a relationship.  Perhaps excepting right now.


jack collier

9 responses

  1. What words can make it better? I hope you will experience great love in an honest relationship!

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  2. Well said, Jack. It takes being truly honest with one’s self first. I have found, especially in my own relationship with myself how difficult that can be. ❤

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  3. This post is so true. Working on one which is similar. I’d be lost without my stuffed bear…and my books.

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  4. this makes me sad Jack. As if relationships weren’t tough enough, and once bitten twice shy they say, I’ve always been a believer in unconditional love and trust, until it’s taken away and then I go away. The understanding is always there for honesty or else….sigh….so sorry Jack and hey Marm….quit trying to push the poor bear off the cliff, you can trust him. He’s your bestie!

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  5. I am with you here Jack! I too like honesty and most relationships and friendships do not have a good foundation of honesty and understanding to begin with. Sigh! Be strong and I am sure the right person will come round. It can take a whole life time, as my ruddy knight in shining armor is lost too LOL! Garfield hugs and bear in mind that with hope, there comes possibilities. Take care and hugs to Marmaduke too!

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  6. Awwww … Jack … 😥 😥 😥 Would a hug and kiss help? 🤗 😘 ❤

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  7. I can feel the sadness when looking at the photo of him sitting alone at the ledge.

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  8. I spent my whole life staying out of trouble. Totally honest with money . Been there for my friend (s) I personally be very sad if my friends didn’t trust me 😢. I won’t go where I’m not welcome. If I offended any my friends accidentally. I always say sorry then quietly disappear knowen I’m no longer welcome would not want any awkward situations knowen lost a good friend 😢
    I rather a friend told me to my face. How feel about me than finding out threw something like social media . Email or text message
    I make sure if any money oweing be repaid instantly.

    I remember good times

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  9. How sad for you to not know honesty in your relationships.

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