Weird Wyoming

Wyoming; like no place on Earth.

For this well-travelled Englishman, Southern Wyoming has the weirdest landscape I have ever seen.  Not only that, one can drive for a hundred miles in total isolation, and everything looks the same for every single mile.  I love California, I liked Utah, I’m not yet certain about Wyoming.





jack collier

pictures taken with a Lumix,

by the girl riding shotgun

5 responses

  1. Not my type of place … I prefer a cabin in the woods. ❤


  2. Oh Jack, I think Wyoming and Western Nebraska are beautiful in their starkness. Wide open space that is so rare to see anywhere else. It has its own kind of beauty, but I do think it may be hard for some to see or appreciate it. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

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    1. Not so rare and beautiful as you. You are such a Western Lady. ❤

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  3. Great photos Jack but I agree with you that Wyoming is not a place I want to drive to 😉 as no greenery or water scenery ha ha!

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    1. It’s pretty dry. ❤

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