It may be a silly thing, but I do not like to be a borrower.

So I just paid off my mortgage, and my credit cards now have a zero balance.

My clothes are fresh and shiny.

Now I am going to walk naked on the beach.

jack collier

7 responses

  1. Debt free! Kudos! That’s super!


  2. Hooray to naked debt free friends!


  3. Congratulations jack . 💋


  4. debt free always feels good Jack, but naked on the beach? Is that legal there….or is it just to dark to see you so no one will call the cops? More fun being naked under the moonlit skies with the stars as only witnesses ❤


  5. ‘Neither a beggar, nor Borrower be!’


  6. Are you actually taking a leave out of my naked book?

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  7. Great to be debt free! Congrats on achieving debt free status 😊

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