Never forget there are three types of people in your life…

I’ve just got back from the gym, tanning booth, massage, sauna, manicurist…

It all seems morally wrong.

But I have found a charity ~ and it’s to do with helping women.

It is fucking amazing what you can get for money.

Funny how all that seems worse.

I think I’ll take a trip to Tibet and learn some real yoga.


Man practicing yoga in Himalaya mountains, with view of Machapuchare, Nepal

jack collier

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  2. Find your center, wherever you are.

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  3. you do know it’s cold there, right? and no beach. Yoga on the beach is better…..and you can shower in the water when done too….just watch out for the jelly fish and sharks πŸ™‚

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  4. Not sure where your head is Jack, but suspect that you are going through a ‘grieving’ process (doesn’t have to be a death), and that anger is colouring your word pallette right now. It is a cathartic process so stay in touch with your feelings!😊

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