cognitive dissonance

Our wounds are the best part of us.

Late at night, or early in the morning, a man may become to see things though a glass, darkly.

Right now someone I care for is in a place I do not like, with people I do not believe I like, and in the long run I firmly believe she will be hurt by where she is and the people she is with.

And yet, I wish to support her in what she is doing, and in the life she is living.

And there’s the rub.

Supporting a woman you care for, when she is on a road leading to more pain and hurt, is a no win equation.

It’s called cognitive dissonance.

It’s not high school, it’s not art school, it’s real life.

So, what do I know?

I can’t paint, I can’t play the guitar, and I don’t like groups of people.

Group therapy, families, false friendships, and the opinions people who get rely on these things, is a huge pile of shit.

So life is a Gothic Novel.  In the end, you are on your own.


jack collier

3 responses

  1. Give Marmaduke a huge hug and one for yourself. I learned the hard way you can’t save people from themselves (theirselves?) all you can do is be supportive in a way that works best for you. Kind of like on the airline, put your own mask on first and then and only then, assist others….love ya and hope you find the lighter side my friend ❤


  2. Dark days pass eventually. Don’t bury your woes at the bottom of a glass…it will swallow you whole Jack.
    Yes, we are all on our own, so cuddle Marmaduke and take comfort in loving yourself first and foremost. Others will come and go through life. We own no one but ourselves.😐


  3. Sorry you are in this lousy place at this time Jack. Sad that this is the case but what can you do as this person believes in her own decisions. It is ok. When all fails *though I hope not* I know your kindness would be by her side. But discern else move on. Marmaduke is a stoic pal. 💕💕Stay chipper!

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