Cars for Road Trips

Nissan Rogue SUV

I’ve been on long road trips, (Tuscany, The Loire Valley, back to Tuscany, Exploring California, and driving 3,000 miles to witness an eclipse), in all kinds of cars; Triumph TR6, Lotus 7, Ford Mustang, and lastly driving from California to witness a total eclipse of the sun in a Nissan Rogue.

Although it isn’t always completely possible, the car should completely suit the trip.

And this choice of car comes down to where you’re going, how far it is, what’s the weather going to be like, what kinds of roads are you going to be driving , and exactly who is the girl riding shotgun.

For my recent trip I knew I was going to be driving up to 600 miles in a day, on a mixture of LA freeways, long desert roads, and mountain climbs.  Also I knew that the girl riding shotgun was going to want to feel safe, be comfortable, and carry an unconscionable amount of luggage.

There also had to be room for Marmaduke.

Ergo, I chose to rent a reasonable-sized SUV, and Enterprise at LAX could offer me a Nissan Rogue, which was vastly over budget, but my friend with all the luggage was worth it.

What’s good about this car?  It’s big enough for two on a long road trip, (swallows luggage with ease), it does good mileage, (we averaged 29 mpg, and that’s US gallons), it’s quiet, comfortable, holds the road well, and the engine has a lot of low-down power.  What’s bad, well, it was very over budget, and has some annoying blind spots.

Would I recommend this car to a friend?  Yes.  In a New York Second.  With definite confidence.  (Of course, you may find your dream car on a long road trip.)

Another important thing on a long road trip:  don’t have a girl riding shotgun who thinks she can drive better than you.


jack collier


6 responses

  1. Ah, can relate to that one…😉

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  2. Most women (including me) are directionally challenged, plus my map reading is limited when it comes to finding my way around a one-way city system (usually resulting in a big argument because maps usually fail to point out the one-way only streets, but it is still my fault)! Moral of this is never to rely on your passenger (especially if it is me). Get an annoying sat nav and yell at it instead!😄
    Of course Jack, I’m sure you didn’t resort to yelling at your shotgun riding girlfriend.😊

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    1. Sometimes I told someone to shut the XXXX up. ❤ 😉
      Actually, as I'm English it was often xxxxing shut up. ❤ 😉

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  3. Goodness! Pray tell in riddles in case she is reading 😉haha

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  4. I guess the girl riding shot gun is either directionally challenged like me or heaven’s forbid keep commenting that you should have taken this turn or that turn😉 Now that would be a challenge for the ears haha

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    1. hahahaha ~ it was worse than that… 😉

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