Fillmore Utah and Jet Lag

Not the smallest place I went to in the USA; Fillmore has a population of 2,253.  It also boasts the worst restaurant I’ve ever been to.

Fillmore also has the best stars, or was that Rock Springs, or Riverton?  Worst Hotel in the world in Riverton, (or so the girl riding shotgun said, when she made us move).

Or that could have been any town in Utah.

Very religious people in Fillmore, and most of Utah.

Me, I don’t don’t really do religion.

And, I hate Las Vegas.

No sex there either.


jack collier

3 responses

  1. Our hotel in Utah didn’t even serve coffee, and the store in the front of the parking lot handed out beer in paper bags…guess there was no keeping up with the Joneses if you can’t see what they’re buying…never been to vegas but I hear there’s sex there…ya just gotta pay the price 😉 joke Jack, just a joke…I think 🙂


  2. Jack, the worst hotel I ever went to (World wide – and that is saying something), was in Chestertown, New York State.
    We pulled into this One, Crossroads town late one Friday evening. The hotel was a dump, but we had run out of options and handed over $70 (it was 20 years ago) for a poxy room above a bar. It was quiet as we checked in. The faded room was really worrying…three triple locks on the door, sheets full of holes atop a mattress wrapped in plastic. Cigarette stains everywhere. We eschewed risking food and went to bed. At 10 pm, all changed – a live band started up below us (not a good one) and we laid awake listening until midnight to the raucous goings on below us. Then the fight outside started, fisticuffs, blood and even a gun shot sent me back to bed, cowering as the screams of women rose up to assault me under my covers. Then it went quiet about 1:00am… Fitfull sleep came until 3:00 am when I was awoken by a world war two air raid siren…which didn’t stop. I looked out the window to see all the traffic lights flashing and not a soul to be seen. I drew back the three triple bolts and peered into the hallway…again, not a soul was around. Shaking, I went back to my room and tried to ignore the siren. It felt like I’d dropped into the twighlight zone. I had visions of war planes, or worse, a nuclear attack. In the morning, we went down to the front desk and rang the desk bell several times. After about 15 minutes, a woman appeared in a ratty dressing gown, a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a set of curlers in her straw mop atop her head.
    I asked about the air raid siren. ‘Fire,’ she said unceremoniously… ‘Local volunteers go out.’ She handed us back our key deposit. ‘ You want breakfast?’ I shook my head vigorously even before she finished. ‘ We ‘ain’t got none, but there’s a cafe down the road a little bit…should be open by 9:00.’ We fled and jumped in the car….to get as far away as possible.

    Now that is a bad hotel, Jack!

    I’m sure yours wasn’t near so bad.😂😂😂


    1. My mistake…it was over thirty years ago…sheesh, time flies, but hey, that memory is still as fresh as the night it was created.
      As for Las Vegas…not been since 1990, but if gaudy gambling, expensive shows, and even more expensive chicken ranch girls are not your thing, there is no point going. I did take a trip into the Grand Canyon from there and it was spectacular. So is the Hoover Dam and RedRock Canyon!


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