music from a friend

The past is over, nothing reminds me of you.


I’m a guy.

I’m a bit older.

I’m very English.

My tastes are solid, maybe staid, and perhaps a bit inflexible.  Art, Cars, Clothes, Food, Music… I seem to be one of those guys who thinks he knows what he likes and is reluctant to try something new.

Sometimes the new is surprising and apposite.  As luck would have it, it just so happened that a friend sent me a couple of albums by a guy I’d never heard of; Ben Taylor.  I liked his dad.

A track has the lyrics;

She always wants what she can’t have

Life is so cruel

She’s always good when she’s so bad

What can’t she do?


the killer line is;

She’s always thinking of someone, that’s how it goes…


Story of my life.  All the women I have known always seem to be thinking of someone else.


Sometimes, just once, I’d like to know someone who wasn’t always living in the past.  Who wanted to show me their colourful shoes, just because it’s me, and not because they really belong to someone else.

Letting yesterday affect today will only destroy the excitement of tomorrow.  ~  Michelle Cruz-Rosado

Sometimes, it’s more than I can take.  Life goes on regardless.  The best is yet to come.


jack collier

13 responses

  1. You are an amazing soul Jack and the right one will walk right into you one day when you aren’t looking…that’s how it works….yesterdays baggage needs to be unpacked and put away….always look for the future and be grateful for the now ❤ hey Marm ❤


  2. Serendipitous Web Life. : ) | Reply

    Hugs, Jack. Life is precious and full of wonder and surprises. Every moment is a gift.


  3. Two souls yearning for love. It will come one day, my dear ❤️. It has to. We deserve love.


  4. Aww Jack…may your princess come along soon or unless she is like my prince, lost in traffic haha! I love Marmaduke(M) he looks so soulfully deep in thoughts! Be happy Jack…love is out there and we must not give up hope else I land up in an old folks home with Garfield ha ha!😊

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    1. I thought I’d found my girl. But I think she’s too wound up in the past with Jack, or Bill, or Fred, or David, or some 20 years old guy she met in a bar, or whoever. 🙂


      1. She is then not your girl…the right one will come! 🌷👍😊

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  5. When you find that special girl Jack, she will create special colours for you both that are yours alone. She may be right around the corner. Don’t despair 💗

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    1. Went all the way to Wyoming, saw an eclipse, not so around the corner.


      1. Yeah, I know. Hope it was fun. But now you are back, who knows, you might meet someone just around the corner.👍


      2. A love lost is better than no love at all💔.
        ⛅ Stay passionate…life can present opportune moments when you least expect it. ☀ 💕


  6. Aw Jack that made me feel quite sad for you x

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    1. Sometimes the one you thought you loved makes a guy sad.

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      1. Well im sure it’s their loss x


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