Life Is No Fairy Tale

The true beauty of a Princess is measured by her purity.

Snow White isn’t supposed to die in the opening scene.

The Handsome Prince is meant to be one of the good guys ~ he isn’t supposed to have an unseen silver dagger underneath his cloak.

Nowhere in the fairy tale does it say that the prince plunges the silver dagger into Snow White’s alabaster breast so that her crimson blood stains the purity of her dress and drips onto the green, green grass of the seven dwarfs’ garden.

The fairy tale does say that Snow White and the Handsome Prince will be linked together forever in broken dreams.  There is no way the Prince will ever be able to forget that he murdered the Fairy Princess he was supposed to love.

He did love her.

He will spend the rest of his life trying to forget her.

He will die trying.

At least the Wicked Witch Bitch will live happily ever after.

There never was a poisoned apple, that was just a story put about by the Seven Dwarfs.


jack collier

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13 responses

  1. Once again you make me cling to your words filled with poetry and a wisdom that leaves us to ponder our journeys. Xo 💙🦋

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  2. so, really it was just fake news after all? I’ve been misled, I want a refund….where’s my golden ticket? I want a goose that lays a golden egg….oops, wrong story.

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    1. It was the Wicked Witch who plotted against Snow White. Never expect the Handsome Prince to be true to the Fairytale Princess when there’s a darkly erotic enchantress about. Raw sex wins over true love every time. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I’m still a big believer in true love….as long as people can be themselves without someone expecting them to change to be someone they’re not, everyone wins ❤ besides, enchantresses get old….who'd be looking at them then?


  3. haha, great alternative!❤️

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  4. So dramatic! Will it be revealed why the prince felt that he needed to take such a drastic measure?

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    1. The wicked witch is to blame… it’s always the wicked witch. ❤ ❤


  5. Creepy and sad. Makes me want to fix things and help everyone be happy again. Although, to be honest, most of the real fairy tales were definitely NOT happy endings!

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    1. And the first line is the heart of the entire piece. And it bleeds.

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  6. Whoa!! This is a new styled Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs! The dark side ha ha!☺

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    1. I never believed the way the original story came out. Snow White was always going to come to a sticky end…. ❤

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