Air Pollution and Insomnia

The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives.

So, you have trouble sleeping?  Air pollution in your bedroom could be the reason you suffer from insomnia.  If the air in your bedroom isn’t as sparkling clean and clear as the freshest mountain breeze, it’s quite likely that you will suffer from insomnia.

The clever people in white coats tell us that people living in areas with raised nitrogen dioxide levels, (for example if you live near a busy road), were up to 60% more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation than were people living in places that had clean air.

These new findings indicate the possibility that commonly experienced levels of air pollution not only affect heart and lung disease, but also sleep quality.  ~  Dr. Martha E. Billings

Air pollution increases the risk of you having breathing problems during sleep ~ which will naturally wake you up, or at least give you poor quality sleep.  Breathing problems during sleep have also been linked to night terrors and nightmares.

So what can you do to improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home, and especially in your bedroom at night?

  • Use non toxic paints when you decorate.
  • Sanitize your telephone frequently, and never use the phone late at night, or when you’ve been drinking.  And, never, ever smoke in your bedroom.
  • Choose hard floors over carpets ~ carpets are just a jungle of muck, dirt, pet dander and dust.  If you can’t easily change your flooring vacuum at least twice a week.
  • Choose solid wood furniture over composites which will give off formaldehyde over time.
  • Turn your mattress frequently, use a washable mattress topper and wash it weekly
  • Use allergen proof pillows, and change your pillowcases every couple of days.  Change all your bed linen weekly.
  • Don’t put clothes you have worn outside on the bed.
  • Open the windows on breezy days to air your home.
  • Buy an air purifier for the bedroom.  The EPA has a guide to air cleaners in the home.
  • Have air filtering plants in your home, especially in your bedroom.  Choose low-maintenance varieties such as; Mother-in-Law’s Tongue / Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Garden Mum, (the garden mum removes formaldehyde, benzine, and trichloroethylene from the air), Boston Fern, and the Peace Lily.  Think about a nice, green, air filtering plant on your desk at work.

Our homes are not the safe haven we think they are.  Most people are adversely affecting their health just by breathing the air in their homes and offices.  You too can be affected in lots of ways when you are continually exposed to the polluted air in your own bedroom, and particularly around your own bed.  You may suffer problems such as; skin complaints, breathing difficulties, and insomnia.

Sleep disturbance is especially common in women, starting at their midlife.  As good sleep is essential for good health, it’s important that we do something to improve the quality of our rest at night.  And it behoves us to improve the quality of our sleep, starting right now.

O sleep, O gentle sleep.  Nature’s soft nurse, how I have frightened thee.  That though no more will weigh my eyelids down, And steep my senses in forgetfulness.  ~  Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2


jack collier


Your dirty phone may be affecting your health.

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  2. great post Jack! and so true!
    When I lived in my previous apartment, I had carpet that was older than me, and no matter hard I tried to keep it clean it really made it hard to sleep! I got sick all the time. Now that I moved. (thank God!) my air has improved dramatically! Its amazing how pollution can affection a person’s health!


  3. my phone is never dirty….I hate chatting on the phone, much prefer a good old face to face anyway… phone or electronics in the bedroom either (batteries don’t count, right?) ha, but alas, I do let the pup on the bed….shes cute like Marmaduke but smiles at me often so she gets extra points for that 🙂

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  4. Great tips for a good nights sleep, it does work miracles! 🙂

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  5. Informative.
    Yes dirty phone calls will definitely keep you awake 😂😂😂

    But actually so will EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies).

    The earth has a background frequency of 7.83 hz ELF (electromagnetic low frequency) and most life (including us attunes to that frequency. Schumann was the first person to point this out, and also to discover that it fluctuates during thunder storm activity. Schumman’s resonance frequencies are measured across different land based stations and some mobile ones such as in the sacred native American site at Sedona, where the background frequency measures considerably higher. During spikes in the frequency, human and animal behaviour changes, and during high spikes, that behaviour can become irritable and aggressive.

    Where am I leading with this ? Well every mobile phone signal tower, every WiFi router, every power line, every digital clock and on and on, puts out electromagnetic frequencies. If you are sleeping near to any device that is turned on, you are bombarding yourself with these things and sleep will be restless. Over time, it can cause many health effects.

    Remove all devices from the room you sleep in, reduce light pollution as much as possible (hopefully you don’t have a street light outside your window) and sleep in silent darkness as nature intended. You will be amazed how much better you sleep. 😴

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    1. Filling our bedroom with lots of electronic gadgets is very counter-productive, and not just because they distract us and prevent us from relaxing into sleep. The effects of electro-magnetic fields on the human brain is both improperly understood and suppressed by people like cell-phone companies.
      It is very very important that our bedrooms are dark, quiet, clean and tidy, and very peaceful at night. Don’t let your dog / cat sleep on your bed either.
      Thanks for your great comments. ❤ 😉


  6. I was very amused by the dirty phone. What sort of phone calls do you have late at night? But unfortunately with the best will in the world we can’t sleep well without fresh air and this is traditionally supposed to come through a window. Autumn is coming and we soon will need hermetically sealed houses to sleep in at night, with everyone piling up their solid fuel burners and having a bonfire almost every night. Isn’t smoke carbon dioxide? It certainly makes my sleep impossible.

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    1. Wood smoke is a mixture of all kinds of stuff, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, tar, particulates… Fortunately it smells better than coal smoke.


  7. […] via Air Pollution and Insomnia — JackCollier7 […]

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  8. sex line stories | Reply

    My dirty phone is good for health hehehe
    I used to live on one of the busiest roads in Manchester. I never slept it was a mare. Maybe this is why

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    1. Ahh, but your dirty ‘phone is so very cool.
      In Manchester I always stay at the Midland Hotel and never sleep in there either.
      Have a great day. Have a hug. ❤ ❤ 😉

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      1. sex line stories | Reply

        Nice hotel. The French is lush!

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    2. Well, there’s an idea for a great evening, buying you dinner at The French. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. sex line stories | Reply

        Yeah but then I’d have to kill you as you’d know my secret

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