Independence Day ~ Fourth of July

all men are created equal

Congratulations to all my American Friends.

I wish you joy of your Independence Day.

Of course, some of us over here think you made a big mistake back in 1776.  Looking at who you have for President today, we may well be right, (or at least partly right).

Have a Great Fourth of July.


jack collier

10 responses

  1. As I mentioned before … I have concluded in the last two years that yes, perhaps we DID make a mistake. Sigh. But now … we are stuck with a madman at the helm of this Trumptanic, and his boot-licking minions, and … well, I found nothing much to celebrate on the fourth, so it was truly … just another day. 😥

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    1. Awww.
      In 1776 John Adams said that Independence Day should be celebrated across the continent forevermore. Although he obviously couldn’t see into the future.
      Hugs and kisses from me anyway. 😉 ❤ ❤ 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Jack … your hugs and kisses make me smile in spite of everything else! 🙂 Hugs, dear friend! 🙃 ❤

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  2. 1776–There is a very good book written from the British point of view ‘Those Damned Rebels’. It was a season of change and growth of a new world. I’d write more on the end of this world, but others seem to get snippy when I mention it!

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    1. Write what you think and believe.
      My self-censorship is only as wide and deep as would be employed by any polite English Gentleman at all times. Otherwise I feel free to write whatever I want.
      Of course 1776 wasn’t the end of it, the War of American Independence went on until 1783. It all might never have happened in George III wasn’t a lunatic due to porphyria.
      Hugs ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. He WAS a fruticake, wasn’t he???
        Note, not being of British descent or knowing his politics well, I think it ok to say that! I am not sure, but I hope I didn’t bother you with my previous comment. I was just sharing a book. Nothing more. :o)

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      2. The other part I was mentioning was not important!!

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  3. If I could still be proud of my country when Clinton and Obama were in office – I can still be proud today!!

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    1. Have a wonderful Fourth of July.

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