Scenes on Sunday ~ Homeless

booze, drugs, casual sex, and sleeping in the dirt

Shopping carts that run away from their store almost always come to a bad end.  Pity the poor homeless shopping cart with nowhere to go and no one to care. 

I believe that it’s morally wrong to take shopping carts away from their store.  I would also like to believe that it’s young guys who engage in this kind of unethical behaviour.  I hope I’m not wrong about that.  I would hate to think that any woman would allow a shopping cart to become a homeless derelict.







jack collier

These shots were taken with a Lumix

a great pocket and purse camera.


3 responses

  1. Marmaduke didn’t steal one, did he?


  2. Poor carts left at the beach! 😦


  3. I would. But you know what they say…I don’t, they get real quiet when I walk in.


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