Terror in Manchester

Slaughter of the Innocents.

Late last night an explosion ripped through children leaving a concert given by Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena.

The 21,000 seat venue had been packed for the concert and the blast was in the foyer between the arena and nearby Victoria Railway Station.  The explosion tore apart innocent children and young people leaving the gig.  So far 22 are confirmed dead and 59 more injured.  Ariana Grande has told of her horror and sorrow on twitter.

Manchester has a large Muslim population, and this brutal suicide bombing has all the hallmarks of a Muslim / ISIS terrorist attack on innocents.

There is no understanding the mentality or motives of vile monsters who perpetrate these atrocities.  However, by instigating these terror  attacks, a few home-grown religious fanatics will only stir up hatred against the entire Muslim community ~ and perhaps that is their perverted intention.

I know this area of England very well indeed.  My sympathies are with the victims and their families.  I have no compassion for the people who made this cowardly attack.


jack collier


5 responses

  1. This is a tragedy, and also an abomination, as it has been done for political reasons, as you said. My heart goes out to everyone in the UK, but especially to the victims and their families. 😥

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    1. Some of the details being reported here are heartbreaking. ;-(

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  2. carswithasideofcouscous | Reply

    Difficult to describe in words how vile this act was. Ariana Grande is particularly popular among teens and subteens. This appears to be a deliberate and callous attack on children.

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    1. The target was cildren and young girls. It’s sickening.


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