Today I am the Chief Mourner at my Father’s Funeral.


Close thine eyes, and rest secure

Thy soul is safe enough; thy body sure;

He that loves thee; He that keeps

And guards thee, never slumbers, never sleeps

The smiling Conscience in a sleeping breast

Has only peace, has only rest.

Francis Quarles

Poet, 1592 -1644


jack collier


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  1. Sending peaceful blessings to you and your father…and condolences to your family…take gentle care, Aleya

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  2. Sending gentle hugs

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  3. I hope you’re heart isn’t too heavy for too long. Take good care of yourself. xo, Jayne

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  4. beautiful words Jack, hugs and more hugs. Peace and blessings, K

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  5. Wishing you peace at this sad time.

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  6. Much peace to you and a virtual hug.

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