social media or a real relationship?

If I Was There Right Now…

For my sins, I often talk to a supposedly close friend at the telephone, and more often than not she will also be looking at things she finds interesting on her cell, tablet, PC…  Do I find this rude and annoying?  Of course I do.  It annoys me intensely.  To use an Americanism, I get pissed.  And then, I often see couples out on a date, and one or both will spend more time looking at their cell phone than they will having a conversation with their actual date.  More often than not the person spending the most time-wasting their time online will be the woman, and not the guy, unless he’s a metrosexual wazzock.

Is this because the woman in question finds their guy boring and uninteresting?  How the hell do I know what women think?  I’m just an average guy, trying to be polite, charming, gentlemanly, friendly, nice.  Would I ever go online when I’m talking with a girl by telephone, or in person?  Of course not.  It’s rude, it’s impolite, and it’s disrespectful to give the major part of your attention, or even any part of your attention, to your cell when you’re supposed to be with the guy you’re with.

These days everyone, (except me), has their cell phones with them all the time, perhaps on the table at dinner, occasionally intruding into the conversation, and eventually disrupting their relationship.

Just the obvious presence of a cell phone will disrupt real relationships.  People use mobile devices to stay connected to people who they are not near.  A cell phone at the table means that a person’s entire social network is in the room.  The phone diverts attention from the person you are supposed to be with to some sad jerk in Kansas City.  And you know what?  That’s fucking annoying.

Call me old-fashioned, but I also despise the use of text / internet acronyms and abbreviations,  What the fuck is DGMW supposed to mean? And LOL, TTYL, and WTF?

If a woman I’m with wants to devote some of her attention to her acquaintances, colleagues, friends, family, interests, social circle, on her cell phone or tablet, that’s fine.  If her cell phone is more important to her than I am, that’s OK too.  I may just decide that she’s not so important to me, that she can fuck off, get lost, please don’t keep in touch, don’t let the door hit you on the way out..

The next time it’s obvious to me that the person with whom I’m trying to have a real conversation is also online / looking at her cell then we’re done.  FO&HAND.

Do you want to date a girl who has internet relationship with other guys?  Me neither.

Life is too short to waste it on an internet snowflake.


jack collier

8 responses

  1. It never fails to amaze me when I see a couple sitting in a restaurant, each intent on texting or doing whatever on their cell phones … I sometimes wonder if one would notice if the other suddenly simply got up and left? Sad statement about that relationship, if you ask me.

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    1. If both people in a couple are looking at their cell phones, then both of them may as well get up and leave. Separately. 😉

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  2. I’m with you, find that so annoying. Phones are great for keeping in contact with family and friends, but unnecessary and rude to be on one when trying to converse with someone the old fashioned way (face to face)

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    1. Two people out together, both of them looking at their cell phones, what does that say about their relationship? ❤

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  3. Personally, I feel that watching movie together without the phone can create conversations.

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  4. I too have also noticed that couples rarely communicate with each other while on dates, instead text. I find that horrible. How are you supposed to get closer when your not talking to each other, laughing with each other enjoying each other.
    I used to love my phone, I would text people all the time. now I just cringe every time I have to make a call. But to be honest I miss getting messages.
    But phones should not replace a person. A person should make an effort to communicate. Put away the phone.

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