Is Using Marijuana Stupid?

Marijuana is addictive.  Marijuana eases pain.

Among all the alternative truths, fake news, denial, and propaganda aimed at the legalisation of cannabis / pot / marijuana are a couple of recent reports by ‘real scientists and doctors’ which clearly show that marijuana is quite likely to ruin your health, destroy your quality of life, and quite possibly kill you.

The first report compiled by the National Inpatient Study in the USA shows that marijuana use significantly increases your risk of suffering a stroke and / or heart failure, as well as exacerbating some other factors known to increase significantly cardiovascular disease including; obesity, alcoholism, high blood pressure, and smoking tobacco.

Meanwhile, a report by the Institute of Living in Connecticut, clearly shows that marijuana use makes young people stupid ~ especially when combined with booze.  Of the people I know who use marijuana, ALL of them are also heavy drinkers, bordering on alcoholism.  Honestly, I do not ever want to be around anyone who uses this stupid drug for recreational reasons.

Also in the USA, Narconon states that marijuana use significantly increases the risk of road traffic accidents, accidents in the home and workplace, psychosis, and schizophrenia.  In fact, the chances are than anyone you know who suffers from schizophrenia has been a heavy user of marijuana at some time in their lives.

It’s well know that marijuana makes people have mental time and space distortions, poor coordination, impaired communication skills, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, and terrible cognitive skills.  The effects of the drug can last up to four weeks, so anyone who has used marijuana in the last four weeks shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the need to make important decisions.  Anyone who has made an important decision within four weeks of using cannabis should seriously think again.

Despite what the proponents of marijuana use might say, marijuana is addictive.  One in 11 people who smoke cannabis will become addicted, rising to one in six if marijuana use starts in adolescence.  However, addiction is a complex problem, with multiple addictions being the most common way that lives are destroyed.  Any regular user of marijuana probably also drinks, smokes tobacco, gambles, binge eats, and is most likely addicted to all of those life-destroying habits and more.  There is a strong chance that anyone with multiple addictions / an addictive personality, is also suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, and should seek immediate medical treatment.  (This is unlikely because most who are addicted, or suffer from borderline personality disorder, will be in the last stages of denial.)

Other downsides of cannabis use; it stinks worse than tobacco, causes lung cancer and other cancers just like tobacco, can cost you a fortune, and used anywhere that it’s illegal or against workplace regulations can land you in serious  trouble.  Using marijuana isn’t cool in any way, shape, or form, because it makes you talk and act like a deranged fool.

However, in the USA this addictive drug is now legal for recreational use in; Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Washington DC ~ mostly left-leaning Democrat states.  Cannabis is still illegal in Great Britain, but the police take so little notice that you’d have to be growing and selling the stuff in industrial quantities to get into any trouble from the law.  Urban left-leaning liberals are very keen to have pot legalised in the United Kingdom ~  the fools.

There is some strong evidence that the medicinal use of marijuana can alleviate the symptoms of some very nasty diseases, mostly reducing nausea and pain, but the medical effects have not been properly tested in the way that a new, mainstream drug would be tested before being allowed anywhere near patients.

Using marijuana is incredibly stupid.  Personally, I think you would have to be seriously loose of a few screws in the brain to go anywhere near this noxious weed.  Personally, I have enough problems without ever going anywhere near cannabis or a cannabis user.  Unless I was in severe pain, and the weed was the only way I could get through the day.

Have fun, smoke cannabis, and cure or kill yourself.  Have a nice day.


jack collier

7 responses

  1. Humans seem drawn to those things that hurt us. I for one would rather see tomorrow’s sunrise.

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  2. Hello blogger. Let me clear things that humans are taking a bit too long to get in their fat head. Tobacco causes cancer. Alcohol disables our vital organs that keeps us alive. Love heartbreaks and Depression makes us stupid and reckless and people die. Brown Sugar, pills and other high doses KILL YOU. Note the shouty capitals. Everything that keeps you breathing kills you.
    Anything too much kills human. Nobody said the ones you know to be addicted to cannabis and do nothing except smoking more and drinking! That’s their choice of life. If there was no cannabis, they would had been badass alcoholics. But boom! We have so many more pleasures. Did you know that too much sex can also kill a human or even make then go phyco?
    And about your question “Is marijuana stupid? ”
    NO, ITS NOT. IF ONE CANNOT ContROL SHOULD stay away from it, and he cannot, may his soul rest in peace. I am a stoner too, I am a good daughter, a good speaker, a good student, a good friend and an amazing stoner. I love to smoke cannabis and feel the awesomenesss. Then I do my work that I am supposed to. I don’t smoke cigarettes except one or two. And there are gaps of days and even weeks at times when I don’t smoke weed. I am an alcoholic too but I know my limits and over all I am not lazy. I go for morning walks for dad and always reading for plans and trips. And let me tell you, my story is the same with the people I hang out with and the people my friends hang out with. In simple words not everywhere is the same story. Stop generalizing things. If one is rotten, another might not be. Now I don’t know how much it changed your view. Actually humans are too stubborn. Anyway congratulations on the part that u are not addicted to the “bad things” as some call it.
    Great post by the way. Enjoyed it. Good day to you! 😁

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    2. Oh, I am highly addicted to alcohol and sugar. Consequently I don’t dare drink at all. As far as sugar goes ~ I’m working on it.
      Thanks for your comments. ❤

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      1. I hope u understand that I am not taking sides. I understand your point. My mom and dad got the same words to say as you. I respect everybody’s opinion. But it’s all about choices.
        This was my first longgggggg comment on WordPress or anywhere. 😁 couldn’t believe myself I typed so much.
        Good day.

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