aches pains and sprains

A sprained wrist can hurt a lot more than you’d think.

A little while ago I sprained my wrist ~ the doctors told me this was a moderate injury, put some strapping on and told me to keep my wrist immobilised for three days.

Quite wrongly I assumed that the worst I’d suffer was a little pain, and that I’d recover in a few days.  Turns out that it hurt like hell, (especially at night).  This minor injury also stopped me from doing some very ordinary things like tying my bootlaces, as I mentioned in another recent post about disabling problems.  If that wasn’t bad enough, today, two weeks on from the injury the pain is bad enough that I’ve had to imobilise my wrist again.  One feels quite helpless when you can’t pick up a coffee mug with your right hand.

I don’t know what this goes to prove except that as one gets older we take longer to bounce back from ‘minor injuries’, or that a sprain is much worse than people think, or that without one’s dominant hand life is quite difficult, or all three of those things.  (Last year I broke a few ribs and recovered from that injury with no problem at all.)

So, if you sprain your wrist it’s going to hurt worse than you expect, and it will take a while for you to get better again.

Oddly, my teddy bear Marmaduke is fine after coming out with a sympathy sprain.


dscf0036jack collier


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  1. carswithasideofcouscous | Reply

    Hang in there Jack. Surprised you haven’t taught Marmaduke to type so that you could rest your wrist some more.

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  2. To put your mind at rest . I think you should go to emergency unit get quick X-ray . If been this long might be unlined hair fracture without been detected. Longer leave more niggle going to get.

    But upto you

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  3. Deborah the Closet Monster | Reply

    I sprained my elbow about thirty years ago. It hurt so bad (and for so long) I can still remember it! I can’t imagine what it would be like now …

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    1. Honestly, I didn’t think a mere sprain could hurt so much. ❤

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  4. Ouch! I find aches and pains annoying when I want to sleep or bathe! Trying to climb in and out of the bath without killing myself is a feat when injured 😢
    Hope you feel better!

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    1. thank you for your kind wishes. ❤


  5. Its true. It can be pretty painful. Thanks for the informative post Jack. We’ve got a rough draft out for our new short story called Eaten an Eskimo and we would love your feedback

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