Gentleman or Slob? Lady or Skank?

Manners Maketh the Man, (and Woman).

b5tr9uvigaaduqgWith Christmas festivities in full swing, some of us are going to have to go out and about to meet a lot of people we don’t normally mix with.  This is not always a pleasure.  Not everyone we meet is civilised and well mannered.  There are some real animals out there.

A mature Englishman is allowed to have an opinion of what constitutes civilised behaviour, and what marks people out as heading in the general direction of the low IQ knuckle-draggers and sleazy slatterns.  I will admit to having some pet hates, and that my opinions and tastes are a trifle old-fashioned, preppy, conventional, proper, and, well, English.  However, some of the douchebags out there could do with some good, old-fashioned, English manners.

Among the things that I really hate to see and be near are;

  • People walking along the street, or in the mall, who aren’t looking where they’re going, usually because they’re engrossed in their smart phone / cell.  These idiots are a danger to themselves and others.  These same people probably browse social media while they’re driving.
  • ‘Friends’ sitting together and looking at their smart-phone / cell / tablet rather than engaging in some intelligent and lively conversation.  That’s just about as ill-mannered as it gets.
  • People who smoke without asking if it’s OK with everyone else present.  Thank you, I don’t want your disgusting and unhealthy habit in my personal space.
  • Smokers who throw their cigarette butts onto the street / out of the car window / into a potted plant / into their coffee cup.
  • People who drop litter in the street when there is a litter-bin, (trash can), just feet / yards away.  How stupid and lazy is that?
  • Dog owners who don’t clean up the disgusting mess their pooch makes.  Oh, and dog owners who assume that everyone will just love their nasty animal.  As it goes, I’m a cat person anyway.
  • Parents who don’t control their screaming, badly behaved children in stores / restaurants / on public transport / in airports….
  • Opinionated people who not only assume that you are remotely interested in their political views, but that you also agree with them.  Three things a polite Englishman will never willingly discuss; politics, money, and women.
  • Slobs who drink beer straight out of the bottle.  Have you any idea where beer bottles are stored and how many cockroaches / mice / rats have scuttled across those bottles?  For goodness sake, have some style and get a glass.
  • People who eat with their mouth open while they are walking along the street / around the mall / waiting in queues.  That is gross.
  • And then there are those people who will tell all and sundry about their unpleasant medical problem.  To be honest, I don’t want to know about flatulence, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, or any other issue that anyone has with their body.  Please keep these things between you and your doctor.

The type of scuzzy people who do some or all of the ill-mannered things above have one thing in common above all else, (apart from the fact that they are irredeemably common).  These people care nothing for anyone else’s finer feelings, and very little for themselves.

The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.  ~  Fred Astaire

Good manners cost nothing.  I firmly believe that before you can truly respect yourself you have to respect others too.  If you want to be a slob, skank, slut… then please do it in the privacy of your own home, rather than inflicting yourself upon decent people.


WAF Landscape Christmas Cards.qxdthese opinions are mine and mine alone

jack collier

18 responses

  1. oh but you’d love my two dogs….they jump all over you and besides, the cat bites! 🙂

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    1. I’ll bet the cat rules the roost in your house. 😉

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      1. nah, she’d rather be outside stalking dinner…we do feed her real food, she just likes to kill things (snakes, birds, etc….) and she sleeps in the garden all day camouflaged so the Eagles and birds of prey don’t see her 🙂

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  2. I nodded at the part about smoking without asking if it’s ok with other people around – it seems so inconsiderate to me when someone does that!

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  3. ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!! I have people commenting on my children’s good manners all the time. They want to know how I was able to get them to be that way. I responded by saying I never taught them anything different. Seems simple enough to me. 😊

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    1. Generally, ill-mannered children seem to have equally ill-mannered parents. Luckily your children have a good role-model to look up to. ❤ 😉

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      1. Awe…that is so sweet of you to say. We just refused to allow anything else. It is our responsibility to raise well mannered, well adjusted, productive and kind future contributors to society. I may never do anything right again in my life, but I can confidently and lovingly say I did two things perfect. 😃

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  4. Midwestern Plant Girl | Reply

    Ok. We’ve just met, so I’ll let the nasty animal = dogs comment slide… 😉 However, I completely agree with everything else!
    It’s not just the kiddies these days, older folks are forgetting thier manners also. I use the honey/vinegar theory and almost always get what I want/need from NOT being rude or loud. I remember a quote from a cute movie, “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”
    I think that sums up my thoughts on manners 😆

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    1. You’re both cogent and apposite ~ and I totally agree that some older folk seem to have forgotten what good manners are. I’m very much a cat person, , but I will agree that some dogs are good dogs, owned by good people. ❤ 😉 ❤

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      1. Midwestern Plant Girl | Reply

        I loved the cat post. Couldn’t comment tho?
        Yes. Cat & Dog folk are different, however there are many similarities also…
        Both like:
        Furry things
        Furry friends
        Having fun
        Playing games
        Looking cute
        Sharing love
        Sometimes, I don’t think we’re that different. 😍

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  5. I learnt to adapt. I worked in the hotel industry . I learned how be polite and the correct behaviour in social circles even though I’m working class. Manners when used correctly opened many doors to me . Met many great and interesting people over the years. Love meet you and Marmaduke one day and put the world to rights over nice cup of tea. Holding a good conversation is very important and very hard to find these days.

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    1. It’s not how you were born that counts, it’s how you live your life. ❤


      1. I better live my life to the full & do my best continue use all my hidden skills of life be happiest person inside I can . Only here once . Live for today. Be polite always . Costs nothing to say please & thank you

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  6. I agree with all of them, lol!! Littering has always made me cringe… I have never done it in my life. Not because I am goody two shoes, but because I was taught it is unacceptable. I also think people lose a lot of humanity with the ‘cell phone phenomenon’. It is important to be considerate of others and also of our earth. I just bet Marmaduke would not do that! 🙂

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    1. Marmaduke is an English Gentlebear, and I know you’re a Lady because he likes you. ❤ 😉

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  7. […] via Gentleman or Slob? Lady or Skank? — JackCollier7 […]

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