Scenes on Sunday # 21

I like the desert.  I also like Palm Springs, mountains, and cable cars ~ although this one near Palm Springs is called an Aerial Tramway.  If you want to look like a manly man don’t be scared of cable cars.

All these shots were taken with a LUMIX Panasonic DMC-X53 pocket camera, which is far better to cart up a mountain that my old 35mm SLR with all its attendant lenses.  My days of carrying around a heavy SLR are done and gone.












 Camperpictures by jack collier

and the girl riding shotgun


8 responses

  1. Thanks Jack! That’s very kind. Wish he thought so. I had to walk away from that relationship. I don’t see a future with someone who’s all about fun. There needs to be some balance.

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    1. Manic fun is good for a while, but then most girls seem to like and need stability, reliability, and sensibility. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Your images are wonderful!

    Took a cable car ride once.
    It was my birthday. My boyfriend took me to Hershey Park in PA. We had a blast! I love roller-coasters. I felt like a kid again. The cable car ride circled around the entire Park. The view was amazing.

    I haven’t thought of that day in ages. It was back in 2006. Thanks for unearthing that memory. Good times !

    Have a great day ☺ 🌷

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    1. Lucky girl. Luckier boyfriend. ❤


  3. Good thing I don’t want to look like a manly man. xx

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    1. beauty incarnate can be scared of cable cars and still be wonderful ❤


      1. I sincerely thank you very much. I’ll happily watch the cable car of manly men from terra firma.

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